Natalia Moseychuk on how she balances work and life

Natalia MoseychukNatalia Moseychuk, TV presenter of 1+1, Single News Marathon, and YouTube blogger. On Thursday, March 30, her author’s channel turns 1 year old. The page is one step away from reaching half a million subscribers.

Natalia Moseychuk's YouTube

Natalia Moseychuk’s YouTube

Natalia’s channel already has more than 50 million views of all videos. The President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, and the brothers Haluk and Selcuk Baykartar spoke exclusively with Moseychuk. In a long interview with the website Comments. Natalia told us how she prepares for conversations and balances work and life. And on social media, she first introduced her family’s pet dog, Filimon, to the world.

“There’s no way I could cook borscht or, say, wash a window without an earpiece in my ear. At the same time, I listen to my family with the other ear, Natalia Moseychuk admitted, “All this happens in parallel with watching the news, reading review and analytical articles (usually they come out on weekends) – I’m afraid of missing something important. My weekends are primarily a time to improve my skills.” 

Preparing for an interview can take months. The host had been preparing for the interview with Kyrylo Budanov for over 5 months, and had over 120 questions for Vasyl Malyuk before the recording.



“I have a special folder in my phone. I read, say, a news story, and there’s something that’s not clear, and I need to clarify the details. I write down the exact questions in the folder so I don’t forget!” So when I opened this folder just before the interview with Budanov, I realized that I had been preparing for the interview for almost five months!” 

The TV presenter intrigued me – not everything recorded is published.

“By the way, during the interview with Vasyl Malyuk, there were moments that we deliberately did not air – internal censorship worked. Let them stay until the victory.”  

And recently, in a video about the backstage of the filming, a dog appeared in the frame with Natalia for the first time, trying to interrupt the presenter quite vigorously. Natalia said that her family got the pet before Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, a year and a half ago.  

“This little grumpy guy ‘intermarried’ our family with the family of the charming editor-in-chief of Ukrainska Pravda, Sevgil Musayeva. When I saw her Toy Poodle, Abi, I fell in love with her without a choice. I immediately asked if Abi was planning to become a mother and “got in line.” On August 24, Abi became a mother. Sevgil said that in 2 months we could become parents of a little puppy. For a year and a half now, we have been the happy owners of Filimon the dog. Although I’m sure he thinks that he is the real owner, and we are his “leather” subordinates. At least, his behavior reveals exactly what he thinks. We are glad that he appeared before the war. In a word, he is 2.5 kg of pure happiness and joy. He is an endorphin rush and the undisputed master of the house.”

Filimon the dog

Filimon the dog

Pets became a support for many people during the war. And Ukrainians showed how they take care of their animals and support those who find themselves on the streets. Natalia also always has something tasty for the “tails” that live near her house. And he shares about his pet: “We are glad that he was with us in the bomb shelter. That he was our consolation. That our Matthew has a friend and a “little brother,” as Matthew calls Filia.”  

Photo: press service

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