WOMAN Magazine is a smart gloss designed for the modern girl.

The magazine’s columns are aimed at helping you find your favorite thing, improve your body and improve your psychological mood, learn exclusive facts from the lives of stars and successful people.

WOMAN slogan: “Your life – your rules.” Our mission is to become your assistant in the field of business and fashion, beauty and health, bright trips and events. We actively support businesswomen, even those who take their first steps and dream of further development.

The WOMAN Magazine portal publishes a digital cover every month, is a source of useful information, current news and exclusive interviews with famous people and influencers. In addition, viewers can learn interesting facts from the lives of famous people on the WOMAN YouTube channel.

Our reader is an inquisitive and active girl who is interested in fashion, loves comfort and travel, is constantly developing, looking for new ways to realize herself.

WOMAN Magazine is special projects and unique sections, holding events in the field of business and fashion, health and sports. As well as master classes from famous speakers, themed bachelorette parties, parties with opinion leaders and bloggers, speeches by specialists in various fields.

The printed issue of WOMAN Magazine has been published since December 2015, has a circulation of 67,500 copies and is distributed throughout Ukraine. A unique feature of the magazine is a painted cover and original interviews. The magazine can be purchased in large stores and chain supermarkets.

Social networks of the WOMAN project are a living and active audience that continues to grow and develop.