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Hollywood stars: the incredible truth about starsThe Ukrainian language is not only beautiful, it is also fashionable. Which celebrities learned Ukrainian during the full-scale invasion, and which Hollywood stars speak and even sing Ukrainian, were told by Hryhoriy Reshetnyk and Nadiia Matveeva in The Incredible Truth About Stars on STB.

Today, the Ukrainian language is a powerful symbol of freedom and dignity not only in Ukraine but also abroad. According to one of the most popular language learning services, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the number of people around the world who have started learning Ukrainian has reached almost one and a half million. Speaking Ukrainian is not just cool, it’s very fashionable and progressive. And not only speaking, but also singing.

The recent protests that began in Georgia were accompanied by the singing of the Ukrainian anthem. Because our language has become a marker of the struggle for freedom.

Ukrainian poetry is also being popularized. Lesya Ukrainka’s exquisite poems were performed in French translation by Catherine Denoff. And the poetry of Taras Shevchenko came from the lips of the master of French cinema, Alain Delon.

Hollywood actress, Oscar and Golden Globe nominee Vera Farmiga went even further and read a poem by Vasyl Symonenko in the original language. She was born into a family of immigrants from Ukraine. Until the age of 6, she spoke only Ukrainian.

Singing of a beauty in our language (“Oh, in a grove by the Danube”) – Mila Jovovich – can also be found on the Internet. She was born in Kyiv in 1975. In the 80s, her parents immigrated first to England and then to the United States. Despite this, the actress does not forget her native language, nor does she forget about the full-scale war.

Hollywood stars speak Ukrainian: $45 million to help Ukrainians – this is the approximate amount that, a Hollywood actress and native of Chernivtsi, has already raised Mila Kunis. And he is not going to stop there. Even her 8-year-old daughter also considers herself Ukrainian and is very proud of it.

But it is not necessary to have roots in Ukraine to love it and even learn the language. This is proved by the example of the Hollywood star of the TV series “The Incredibles” Misha Collins. Since the first days of the full-scale invasion, he has supported our country and believes in our victory. As a sign of admiration, the actor addressed the Ukrainians in the nightingale language.

The world-renowned American historian also speaks Ukrainian. Timothy Snyderwho became an ambassador of the charity platform UNITED24. Timothy records instructional videos in English for foreigners about the history of Ukraine, which he has been studying for a quarter of a century. But recently, in an interview, he answered the question: “When will the war end?” he answered in Ukrainian. Snyder believes that Ukraine’s victory will be celebrated this year.

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