Victim syndrome: prevention of the disease and how to get rid of it

Victim syndrome: prevention of the disease and how to get rid of it - 1 - изображение

Lyubov Rudnytska, a Gestalt therapist and author of the Supportive Environment and Plan B projects, tells Woman Magazine readers about victim syndrome, how to identify it, and how to get rid of it. 

Lyubov Rudnytska

Lyubov Rudnytska

The war came to us uninvited, and it is more convenient to feel sorry for ourselves, to blame ourselves, to disbelieve in good things than to continue living.

Victim syndrome is a psychological phenomenon characterized by a sense of helplessness and a pessimistic outlook on life.

The “victim” gets used to complaining, looking for the guilty, and cannot imagine himself in a different role. Each syndrome individually does not mean anything, but if you notice several, I recommend making an appointment for a consultation:

  • Depressed mood
  • I am only interested in my own opinion
  • Not accepting failure
  • It is important for the “victim” to feel the importance of his or her person
  • Complain all the time
  • Escape from responsibility

Such individuals realize that they could have gotten more, but it is much easier to find excuses – lack of connections, health problems, or a crisis in the country. 

Lyubov Rudnytska


I would advise anyone who recognizes themselves not to put off solving the problem, but to sign up for therapy, because there is never a right time. We think about the condition of our skin and buy face cream for a lot of money, but we don’t think about mental hygiene, even though it is more important.

Prevention of victim syndrome

The root of most psychological problems lies in childhood. Parents should pay attention to the ability to accept defeat with dignity, praise and analyze mistakes. 

On my Instagram, I talk about how to improve self-esteem, the importance of the environment, and life hacks to understand yourself. 

Text and photos: Liubov Rudnytska

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