Trade development program for small and medium-sized businesses

Trade for SMEs: a new program in UkraineA new program for SMEs has been launched in Ukraine. OLX, lifecell, Webpromo, Visa, monobank, Ringostat, Nazovni from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, and Shop-Express will provide their services and expert support to entrepreneurs. Expert Ukrainian sales development companies have been united to create and implement an all-Ukrainian Trade Development Program for entrepreneurs to help restore Ukrainian producers and sellers of good saffected by the war.

The goal of the program is to restore the economic power of the state by providing Ukrainian entrepreneurs with the tools, opportunities and specialized knowledge to successfully sell goods online.

The program is a roadmap of actions and a list of effective services for creating an online store for free, setting it up, adjusting and scaling sales, attracting new customers, including in foreign markets, and provides a knowledge base on Internet marketing, including SEO, PPC, SMM and targeting. Services are provided free of charge or on special terms for program participants. 

For example, entrepreneurs get the opportunity to open an online store on the Ukrainian Shop-Express platform for free, free store analysis from the Internet marketing agency Webpromo, will receive a -70% discount on the placement and promotion of goods on OLX, expert assistance in managing business processes and web sales from VISA, free training lectures on Internet marketing at the WebPromoExperts Academy. And the Nazovni platform, which implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, will help with sales to foreign markets, provide contacts of potential partners abroad and an action plan to start exporting around the world.

You can register and become a participant of the Program by following the link. Each program participant will be assigned a personal business mentor who will advise the entrepreneur on the operation of the online store and will also support communication with specialists from the program’s partner companies throughout the year.

The trade development program is designed for an unlimited number of participants and is suitable for all manufacturers of goods, importers, wholesalers and retailers of goods offline, as well as for those entrepreneurs who sell goods on social networks and marketplaces, including beginners with no experience in online sales. The program will run through 2023.

Igor Syrovatko, Director of Customer Service at OLX Ukraine and Central Asia:

“The business is going through a difficult period and it is in our interest to support it.  In particular, we should invest in increasing the number of entrepreneurs in Ukraine. These people are responsible for creating new jobs, paying salaries and taxes, and developing various industries and Ukraine. The OLX Ukraine team joined the development of the Trade Development Program to support Ukrainian businesses and show that selling goods or services online is not difficult and anyone can do it. The online format allows us to save money on rent, reach more people and sell goods to different parts of Ukraine.”

Pavlo Gerasymenko, National Corporate Business Manager at lifecell:

“We have joined the Trade Development Program for Ukrainian entrepreneurs because we believe that they are the ones who keep the economic front, help the Armed Forces and bring victory closer. Thanks to the discount on customer search services and targeted SMS, even more entrepreneurs will be able to use lifecell Big Data to attract more customers.”

Oleksiy Petrychenko, developer of the Trade Development Program, founder of the Ukrainian platform for creating online stores Shop-Express:

“We launched this Program to create a powerful incentive for Ukrainian producers and sellers. Over the past year, Ukrainian business has already outlined the course of trade development in 2023: bold changes, mastering new areas of activity, scaling up under any conditions. We thank our partners who joined the Program and provide their services and resources to Ukrainian entrepreneurs. We are now united and working together for the country’s economic victory. In difficult times, it is especially important to implement innovative solutions, as they can streamline the process of selling goods, reduce costs and increase the efficiency of Ukrainian business. Such drivers for sales development are artificial intelligence technologies, Big Data services, modern acquiring systems and open trading opportunities for every enterprise.”

Alina Shishkina, Head of the Exporters Support Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine:

“In today’s environment of limited logistics capabilities, an effective direction is to develop all tools to support Ukrainian exporters, including digital solutions that will save time and financial resources for companies. A separate area is the development of online sales of Ukrainian goods, which is extremely important for small and medium-sized businesses. The Trade Development Program for Ukrainian enterprises, with which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs closely cooperates as part of the NAZOVNI digital communication platform, in addition to online sales, helps to create and promote websites of Ukrainian exporters to promote goods, works and services in foreign markets.”

Photo: press service

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