Tarot forecast for July 25-31: the new moon will bring balance and reflection to the lives of all signs

Tarot forecast for July 25-31

Tarot forecast for July 25-31

Tarot forecast for July 25-31 – the second month of summer, which in folk tradition was considered the end of the season, as well as the lunar cycle, ends in the new week. This energy of completion and summing up must be taken into account when planning things for the week. During this period, you may not have enough strength for everything, chronic diseases may worsen, so it is better not to strain yourself physically and mentally. And during the New Moon on July 28 at 8:55 p.m., that is, entering a new lunar cycle, it is important to think about what you want to get.

What else should be paid attention to in the coming days , read in the new tarot forecast by the tarologist Kateryna Pylypenko.

tarologist and energy therapist Ekaterina Pylypenko

tarologist and energy therapist Ekaterina Pylypenko

Aries (Ten of Cups)

If this week completes certain processes, then Aries can safely count on a positive, and even happy ending in matters important to them. At work, it can be a promotion, and in a relationship – a serious offer that has been waiting for a long time. 

Taurus (Knight of Pentacles)

For representatives of this earth sign, its counterpart in the Tarot system – the active arcana of the earth suit – brings business trips, a job offer abroad and long-awaited success as a result of hard work. However, do not forget about the general energy of the week, so pay attention to your condition and give up loads on the New Moon.

Gemini (Ace of Swords)

What you have been scratching your head over has a simple solution. Very often, such a decision on the Ace of Swords can come as a flash, a sudden enlightenment. Also, the card advises not to do rash actions in the near future, but to follow the call of logic and reason. Be attentive to your emotional state, do not overload your nervous system.

Cancer (Priestess)

Cancers should be alert, because this week can bring unpleasant surprises and uncertainty. Certain processes that should end during this period will not have the result you expected. Focus on the successful start of a new phase in life and pay attention to your emotional state.

Leo (Three of Wands)

Representatives of this sign will finally find themselves on that stretch of the road from which wide perspectives will open before them. Use this chance and the energy of the New Moon to realize your possibilities, look into the future and choose the right landmarks on the way to your goal. And also to start acting in this direction.

Virgo (World)

During this period, more than ever, Virgos will feel joy and harmony with the world around them. Summarizing everything, you can enjoy its calm and charming outlines. It will seem to you that everything is going as it should, or you will simply not attach importance to small obstacles. Such harmony and peace will set the right vector for the next period.

Libra (Nine of Cups)

Libras are lucky, because this week promises to be easy for them and give them pleasant emotions. Pleasant meetings with friends and relatives are possible. In your work or activity, everything will also turn out in the best way. Given the energy of the week, you can count on success in whatever you have been working hard on recently.

Scorpio (Seven of Cups)

Scorpions may face a difficult choice between interesting options this week. However, it is better to refrain from making a serious decision in the near future. Take a break to check the offers carefully. It is likely that some will turn out to be deceptive illusions.

Sagittarius (Moderation)

Sagittarians will finally find a certain balance in their lives and will be able to enjoy this state. The process of reflection and the feeling of completing a certain stage will bring balance and satisfaction. And will also be able to lay the right foundation for the next period.

Capricorn (Magician)

Capricorns will be inspired this week to be active, generate new ideas and projects, which will set the right vector in all spheres of life. Do not be afraid to go into new fields and professions. Believe in yourself, your character and your strength. And the New Moon will help in this.

Aquarius (King of Wands)

Aquarians may be faced with the need to show their will, determination and make an important decision this week. It is also possible to make useful acquaintances, receive advice that contributes to your success, and meet an active man who can help in many matters. 

Pisces (Eight of Swords)

Pisces may unexpectedly encounter obstacles, prohibitions and restrictions. This can be very nerve wracking on the eve of the end of the monthly cycle. However, realize that everything will start in your life after the New Moon.


Tarologist and energy therapist  Kateryna Pylypenko

Contacts:  www.instagram.com/katrin_pilipenko_tarot


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