Quality fish: how to choose and where to buy

Quality fish: how to choose and where to buy - 1 - изображение

Quality fish: how to choose and where to buy

“Breakfast with 1+1” has recently launched a new section, “I Know – I Consume,” in which it shares important tips on cooking and choosing products in general.

This time, its host, Konstantin Grubich, known to Ukrainian viewers as a culinary expert, told the audience that quality fish is an important choice: whether to consume domestic fish after the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant explosion and shared where to buy it safely. 

During the conversation with the experts, he shared several effective tips on how to avoid buying low-quality fish:

  • Buy river fish that is raised in closed reservoirs.
  • Do not forget about the appearance: the fish should smell fresh, without signs of decay, and the eyes and gills should not be dull.
  • Another option is frozen fish. It is usually sold in packaging, so no toxins can get into it.

You should also avoid dried fish. It is not subject to heat treatment, which makes it difficult to know how it was stored and where it came from.

And to understand where a particular fish was bought, it is worth asking the sellers for a certificate for this product.

The presenter also reminds about the proper storage of products:

“Don’t forget to store fish in a ventilated area, in the refrigerator. Make sure that the fish is kept separate from other products.”

Photo: press service

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