Hryhorii Reshetnyk on raising three sons

Hryhoriy Reshetnyk

Hryhoriy Reshetnyk is convinced that the most important task of parents is to support their children. Together with his wife, the host is raising three active sons. On the eve of Father’s Day, Hryhoriy Reshetnyk shared the rules of upbringing in the Reshetnyk family and explained what actions of parents can harm children. 

“Parenthood is a great happiness and responsibility. The tenderness and love that children give is incomparable. In those moments when my sons hug me and tell me how proud they are to be their dad, I feel inspired and inspired. These emotions give me the strength to move on and be an even better father to my boys. I am convinced that not only mothers but also fathers should say words of love. So that the kids feel the care and tenderness of both parents. 

In raising boys, the most important thing for me is that each of them develops and reveals himself as a person. To do this, my wife and I offer our sons different sections and listen to their preferences. For example, our elders love to play football, table tennis, chess, and are also fond of drawing. We spend a lot of time together. Recently, I went karting with the older boys. And of course, we talk a lot. There are no taboo topics for us. We explain everything to the boys: from questions about the universe to Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine. 

In my opinion, the most important task of parents is to support their children. It is very easy to influence kids, to impose your opinion on them, to force them to do something they have no inner call to do. But the unrealized ambitions of parents have nothing to do with children. Support their hobbies, give them the opportunity to develop in their favorite activities. Give kids a choice and help them expand their horizons. It’s the best thing a mom and dad can do for their kids. 

Do not forget that being a parent is a constant work on yourself. Together with children, we grow up, because we have to be patient, wise and set a good example.” 

Photo: press service

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