Luxury vacation: Top 10 vacation destinations in 2023

Luxury vacation: Top 10 vacation destinations in 2023 - 1 - изображение

In the world of travel, luxury vacations are always a popular choice for sophisticated travelers who want to enjoy the best in amenities and luxury.

Conde Nast Johansens, an independent travel guide renowned for its thorough research and professional recommendations, has announced its list of the best destinations for luxury vacations in 2023. These destinations, characterized by unrivaled comfort and elegance, will attract the attention of those seeking to experience unforgettable adventures in sophisticated style. 

Portugal:  cozy breeze of Odshiro

Portugal continues to impress with its beauty and rich culture. From the charming Lisbon with its ancient streets and baroque architecture to the fascinating port city of Porto, where you can enjoy the finest wines, Portugal offers an unforgettable vacation in luxury style.

Greece: the flawless beauty of the Aegean Islands

The Greek islands fascinate with their elegance and rich history. From historic Athens to luxurious islands such as Santorini, Mykonos and Crete, Greece offers a vacation in a true luxury paradise. Enjoy clear waters, luxurious villas, and unrivaled Greek cuisine.

Luxury vacation

luxury vacation

Croatia: the picturesque Adriatic coast

Croatia, with its impeccable natural scenery and attractive cities, has become a real gem of the Mediterranean. From sophisticated Split with its majestic palaces to charming Dubrovnik, surrounded by the heart of medieval architecture, Croatia offers a luxurious vacation on the Adriatic Sea.

Great Britain: the elegance of historic castles

The UK, with its rich heritage and culture, attracts lovers of luxury vacations. From the nobility of London to the charm of historic castles in Scotland and Wales, the UK offers a combination of elegant style, fine hotels and exceptional gastronomic experiences.

Italy: romance and luxury in the heart of the Medici

Italy has always been known for its impeccable beauty, elegance and sophistication. From the enchanting canals of Venice to the grandeur of Rome and the luxurious beaches of Amalfi, Italy beckons tourists with its romance and luxury.

Luxury vacation: Top 10 vacation destinations in 2023 - 2 - изображение

luxury vacation

Spain: magic and sunshine

Spain is known for its fun atmosphere, hospitality, and attractive beaches. From cultural Barcelona to luxurious Marbella, Spain offers luxurious vacations combined with delicious cuisine, lively festivals, and unrivaled views.

France: charm and elegance

France, the land of love and luxury, has always been in the spotlight of luxury vacation lovers. From the unrivaled Paris with its elegant boulevards and romantic mood to the charm of Provence with its fields of lavender and Loire castles, France offers a perfect combination of charm, elegance and exceptional gastronomic experiences.

Ireland: green beauty and hospitality

Ireland, a country of green meadows and legendary castles, attracts tourists with its unsurpassed beauty and heartfelt hospitality. From the soothing landscapes of Connemara to the breathtaking coastlines of Cliffs of Moher, Ireland offers luxury vacations in stunning natural surroundings.

Luxury vacation: Top 10 vacation destinations in 2023 - 3 - изображение

USA: wealth and diversity

The United States of America is a place where luxury and grandeur are intertwined with unparalleled opportunity. From extravagant Las Vegas to exclusive Beverly Hills, the United States offers a luxurious vacation for the most demanding tourists. Whether you choose shopping on Rodeo Drive or a luxury vacation in Hawaii, the United States is sure to satisfy your highest demands.

Caribbean: paradise islands and endless white beaches

The Caribbean islands are a symbol of luxury and relaxation. From the exotic and Jamaica, the Caribbean invites you to an unforgettable vacation in luxury style. Here you can enjoy crystal clear waters, coral reefs, luxurious spas, and unrivaled gastronomic experiences.

Conde Nast Johansens has found that the main audience that chooses a luxury vacation is people over 55 years old. They choose long stays for beach destinations and short trips for city tours. In addition, cruise travel has also become very popular this year, allowing you to travel in luxury and comfort, enjoying a variety of adventures and luxurious living conditions on board.

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