How to avoid eating stress? Tips from Olga Martynovska

eQuestions Olga MartynovskaAre you stressed out and immediately want to eat something, even if you’re not hungry? This can become a bad habit that leads to stomach problems and excess weight. In this case, food becomes a kind of “pill” for anxiety. Therefore, later, stress returns, and with it, a feeling of guilt due to overeating or unhealthy eating. Behind the scenes of the show “eVopytiya”, which is broadcast on New Channel every Monday at 20:00, celebrity chef Olga Martynovska advised how to stop overeating.

“I have the only effective advice on how not to eat stress: don’t keep anything for cheat meals at home! There should be no chips, salted nuts, or fast food. Keep only useful and healthy food. Then there will be no breakdowns,” says Martynovska, “And if you do break down, it’s better to eat celery stalks, carrots, and other vegetables.

еThe question of Lesya Nikitiuk with the culinary front

еThe question of Lesya Nikitiuk with the culinary front

For sweets, choose sugar-free dried fruits, such as dried apricots or dates.

“You can also have dark chocolate with 90% cocoa content, because you just won’t eat much. If you want something sweet, you eat 1-2 pieces, and then you feel how bitter it is. So, to avoid eating stress, I advise you to clean your lockers and refrigerators. Then everything will be fine,” the chef adds.

eQuestions from the MasterChef team

eQuestions from the MasterChef team

Martynovska also said that it helps her to distract from the negative.

“A very cool habit that saves me in stressful or just sad moments is to start cooking,” says Olga Martynovska. Not eating, but cooking,” says Olga Martynovska. “As soon as you immerse yourself in cooking broth, kneading dough, making cream, you dissolve and become one hundred percent distracted. That’s why it’s a great idea to start cooking.”

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