Tarot forecast for April 10-16: almost all zodiac signs will plunge into the holiday atmosphere

Tarot predictionAccording to tradition, Holy Week comes on the eve of Easter, a holiday whose roots go back to pagan antiquity. Although the seven weeks of Lent are considered to be the preparation for it, this week will be the most important for modern housewives. At the same time, quarrels, conflicts, envy, and, on the other hand, excessive merriment should be avoided. But what you can’t deny is helping others. What will this week look like for each of us? Read a new tarot forecast from tarologist Kateryna Pylypenko.

Aries (Ten of Pentacles)

Preparing for Easter with your family, planning a holiday weekend, high spirits, and a sense of family harmony – this is what the Ten of Pentacles tells you. Be happy for yourself and for everything you have now.

Taurus (Knight of Wands)

An energetic week will bring new strength to your life for important things. Do not refuse unexpected proposals or too bold ideas. Energy and zeal are enough to actively start the business, and then everything depends on your professionalism and perseverance.

Gemini (Queen of Pentacles)

The week will be spent in the style of the housewife Queen of Pentacles – in household chores, which will result in a bright Easter. When everyone appreciates your efforts and you enjoy yourself and the atmosphere around you.

Cancer (Ten Cups)

High spirits and a festive atmosphere will reign in your soul and home this week. You will finally be able to experience what family harmony and the fulfillment of your cherished desires are. Everything will work out very well for you.

Leo (Star)

A new idea, inspiration, or dream is sure to come to you in the new week. Be open to signs of fate, do not lose faith in the realization of your desires, and have confidence in your own abilities.

Tarot forecast: Virgo (Four of Wands)

And again, a card about a holiday. And it’s clear which holiday we’re talking about. However, you will feel an upswing in your business and some success throughout the week and beyond. The explanation is simple: you are on the right track.

Libra (Queen of Cups)

You will turn to the spiritual component of Easter, and in your search you may find unexpected answers and interesting discoveries. Share them with your family and friends.

Scorpio (Five Cups)

In your active life, unpleasant surprises can happen that will spoil your mood and nerves. However, this is not the time to worry about the troubles. The festive end of the week will definitely surprise you and give you joyful moments.

Tarot Forecast : Sagittarius (Four of Pentacles)

You can now count on a certain stabilization in your life, on achieving balance and control in all areas. However, the card warns that you shouldn’t get too carried away with Easter shopping, as it can damage your wallet balance.

Capricorn (Nine of Pentacles)

This week will bring you positive news, business improvement, and good prospects for the future. Despite various circumstances, you will be able to feel inner confidence and control over life.

Aquarius (World)

This Easter week will bring you the long-awaited unity with yourself and the world around you. You will feel calm and harmony, get answers to your questions from the Universe, and then you can safely step into the next period of your life.

 Pisces (Eight of Cups)

On the eve of Easter, you may have to say goodbye to something or someone and go in search of new meanings. Do not be upset, let go of what cannot be returned. New meetings and unusual events will bring a lot of interesting and productive things into your life.

Tarologist and energy therapist Kateryna Pylypenko

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