Tarot forecast for May 15-21: big changes for each zodiac sign

tarot predictionThe new week will begin with the end of Mercury retrograde after May 15, and will end with the New Moon on May 19 and the waxing of the moon. That is, on the one hand, communication and business will get better, so you can plan with confidence, but on the other hand, the month before the New Moon will be on the decline, so you may not have enough energy to realize everything you have planned. Therefore, this week will still require you to be careful and pay extra attention to your needs and take care of your health. Tarot forecast from by tarologist Kateryna Pylypenko:

Tarologist and energy therapist Kateryna Pylypenko

Tarologist and energy therapist Kateryna Pylypenko

Aries (King of Wands)

Some circumstances will force you to show your “gut” – namely, fierce activity and iron will – to make an important decision. During the week, you can also make useful acquaintances, get advice that will contribute to your success, and meet an active man who can help you with many issues.

 Taurus (Three of Wands)

The end of Mercury retrograde will finally open up new opportunities and broad prospects for you. What you’ve been working on for a long time will finally bear fruit. Take advantage of all the chances that will appear before you now.

Gemini (King of the Pentacles)

What was “stuck” during Mercury retrograde has a chance to be realized now. Your professionalism and perseverance will be enough. However, you will feel a real work drive and full realization when the moon is growing.

 Tarot forecast: Cancer (Strength)

This week, you may face a situation that will require you to make an effort to achieve your goals. Be sure that you have enough energy and strength to do everything, but act without aggression, gently and confidently.

 Leo (Two of Pentacles)

After Mercury retrograde ends, you’ll have to handle several things at once, juggling them skillfully and keeping your balance. And this is impossible without your energy and professional skills.

Virgo (Knight of Pentacles)

Despite the obstacles from Mercury, your hard work and diligence will finally pay off. And a good financial return. Business trips involving money and favorable working conditions are also possible.

Libra (Six of Swords)

There are changes ahead. You will be able to improve your life, move through obstacles and adversity to another level that is more comfortable for you. It is important not to be afraid of change, but to embrace new opportunities.

Scorpio (Queen of Swords)

In the near future, you will need to acquire new knowledge and skills. And to apply rational approaches and decisive actions in our work. It is also possible to meet a wise woman who will give important advice, as well as support and protection.

Tarot forecast: Sagittarius (Jester)

This week, you will feel the urge to take risks and renewal. You may need to start over, from scratch. An adventurous attitude will open up new opportunities and a new page in your life.

Capricorn (Four Cups)

Because of the worries and anxieties on the eve of the New Moon, you risk plunging into a depressive state. Don’t give in to despair and sadness, distract yourself with changes in nature, communication with loved ones, and planning your summer.

Aquarius (Nine of Swords)

The accumulated problems will come to light this week. Poor sleep, anxiety, and negative thoughts can ruin your mood, at the very least. Deal with everything that scares you, take care of yourself.

Pisces (World)

The end of the Mercury retrograde period will bring you the long-awaited unity with yourself and the world around you. You will feel calm and harmony, get answers to your questions from the Universe, and then you can safely step into the next period of your life.

Tarotist and energy therapist Kateryna Pylypenko

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