Tarot forecast for January 23-29: zodiac signs will solve accumulated problems

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The tarot forecast for January 23-29 tells us that we are entering the new week on the wave of the first New Moon of the year and accordingly, the Chinese New Year. Therefore, these days you have a happy opportunity to make a wish again, make plans for the next month, or find solutions to old problems. And you can find a hint of what to expect from the new week in the Tarot Forecast from tarologist Kateryna Pylypenko.

Tarologist and energy therapist Kateryna Pylypenko

Tarologist and energy therapist Kateryna Pylypenko

Aries (Nine of Pentacles)

The new week will bring Aries positive news, business arrangements, and good prospects for the future. Despite various difficult circumstances, you will be able to feel inner confidence and control over all processes. Believe in yourself and luck will definitely smile on you.

Taurus (Nine of Swords)

The accumulated problems will show. Poor sleep, anxiety, and negative thoughts can lead you in the wrong direction. So it’s time to figure out the causes of your nightmares and take action. Share your worries with loved ones, listen to the advice of a trusted person, or consult a specialist. Take care of yourself!

Gemini (Court)

In the new week, Gemini will have to summarize certain results, make very important decisions, and dot the i’s and cross the t’s in their lives. Realizing the transition to a new level will help solve financial and professional problems. The Court’s card can be used to transfer to a new job or promotion. The state of health will improve significantly, and serious problems in this area will be radically resolved.

Cancer (Five Cups)

Cancers this week may be captured by disappointments and negative emotions. If some little thing didn’t work out, take it with humor. If you have been defeated in a serious matter, then accept it with honor. The general atmosphere of the week will help you collect your thoughts, deal with emotions, and set new goals.

 Leo (Five of Pentacles)

Leos should prepare for the tests. Worries and problems are unavoidable, but your bold decisions and proper behavior will help you emerge victorious from difficult situations. Rely on yourself, but don’t reject friendly help.

Virgo (King of Cups)

The card advises Virgos to pay attention to what inspires and gives them positive emotions. Do not hide your feelings, show your affection, love and care to others. This is what you will be required to do in the near future. It is possible that you will meet someone who will help and support you in turn.

Libra (Eight of Pentacles)

The new week will require Libra to be focused, to work out the details carefully, to perform certain tasks efficiently, and to improve themselves. Thanks to this, you will get a good result in the area that is a priority for you today. Overall, the card portends a successful week with good returns.

Scorpio (King of Swords)

The week will force Scorpios to pull themselves together and take a kind of test of wit, determination, and the ability to use logic and experience. Show your mental abilities where the situation has long been in need of resolution. Be open to advice from a specialist or a person who is authoritative for you.

 Sagittarius (King of Wands)

This week, Sagittarius may face the need to show their will, determination, courage, and act quite actively. You will have to take responsibility for difficult decisions. Do not miss useful acquaintances, receiving valuable advice and meeting an active man who can help you in many matters.

Capricorn (Ten of Swords)

Representatives of the Capricorn sign can very vividly feel the completion of a certain stage in their life and the transition to a new, still unknown one. This can be associated with anxiety and negative emotions. Try to focus on a wise summary of the results and a positive anticipation of a new stage that will surely bring you the fulfillment of your hopes and the achievement of certain goals.

Aquarius (Queen of Swords)

Aquarians may soon take up the acquisition of new knowledge and skills, new learning for them. During the week, you may meet a wise woman who will give you important advice, as well as support and protection. A consultation with a doctor with further treatment is possible.

Pisces (Seven of Swords)

Pisces should be careful in the near future. There is a risk of being deceived, so it is better not to succumb to active persuasion and carefully read all business papers and important documents. However, the card also advises you to cheat in some situations in order not to be fooled, or simply choose a more flexible tactic to achieve your goal.

Tarologist and energy therapist  Kateryna Pylypenko

Contacts:  @kateryna_pylypenko_tarot

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