Tarot forecast for March 20-26: the week begins a new sunny year

tarot predictionThe Spring Equinox on March 20 coincides with the New Moon on March 21, meaning that the point of renewal and the beginning of a new cycle is doubled. After all, the spring equinox always marks the beginning of a new solar year, and the moon, in turn, also begins a new cycle. You can use the unique energy of these days to your advantage. Direct it in a positive direction and avoid conflicts and all kinds of negativity. Tarot forecast for March 20-26: Read more in the tarot forecast from tarologist Kateryna Pylypenko.

tarologist and energy therapist Ekaterina Pylypenko

tarologist and energy therapist Ekaterina Pylypenko

Aries (Five of Wands)

The desire to prove themselves right and competent can play a cruel joke on Aries this week. Since we are entering a new solar and lunar cycle, we may not have enough energy for active action. Therefore, it is better to avoid sudden movements in the near future.

Taurus (Six of Cups)

Memories from the past or a meeting with an old friend will be helpful in overcoming problems in Taurus’ modern life. It can be a source of inspiration and support for you now.

Gemini (Five Cups)

For a successful start to a new cycle, Gemini should let go of what should be out of their lives. It is not easy, but it is necessary. Give yourself time to grieve and move on.

Cancer (Five of Swords)

Be prepared that not everything will start well for you. There may be disappointments in the near future, but try to focus your attention on the positive side of the loss rather than the loss.

Tarot forecast for March 20-26: Leo (Two of Swords)

Leos will have to make a difficult decision, no matter how much they want to ignore or delay the problem. But it will give impetus to further prospects and active movement forward.

Virgo (King of Swords)

The week will require you to be resilient, patient, and make logical decisions. Starting something new is never easy, but it is very exciting. Don’t neglect the valuable advice from an authoritative and intelligent man like the King of Swords.

Libra (Page of Cups)

You can relax a bit during these spring days and pay attention to your loved one or the things that always inspire you. Romantic acts are also included in this list.

Tarot forecast for March 20-26: Scorpio (Ten of Pentacles)

It’s worth doing family things, for example, thinking about how to spend time with your family in the best way, how to please your children. These thoughts alone make you realize the happiness you have.

Sagittarius (Knight of Swords)

Sagittarius will have to resolve conflicts or sort things out themselves. We need to bring everything to light. But don’t forget that energy is on the decline, so do things in a smart and environmentally friendly way for yourself.

Capricorn (Queen of Cups)

A unique start to the week will require Capricorns to take care of themselves and others. Avoid conflict situations, give yourself some rest, and look for answers to questions within yourself.

Aquarius (Queen of Swords)

Unlike Capricorns, you will have to be more serious and tough. You will be expected to make decisions and solve complex problems.

Pisces (King of the Pentacles)

The Vernal Equinox and New Moon will force you to take stock of your activities. Only after you see your achievements in the material dimension can you start a new successful cycle for you.

Tarologist and energy therapist  Kateryna Pylypenko


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