Tarot forecast for March 6-12: time of fullness, clarity and order

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On the new week of March 7, we will celebrate the first spring Full Moon of this year. It will take place in the sign of Virgo, which means that to successfully complete this stage, it is important to bring clarity and order to your thoughts and emotions, everyday life and affairs. It’s important to remember that the influx of energy should be channeled into peaceful activities, such as creativity or simple house cleaning, and not to start new businesses and avoid provocations and conflicts.

Read more about this week in the tarot forecast from tarologist Kateryna Pylypenko.

Tarot forecast from Kateryna Pylypenko

Tarot forecast from Kateryna Pylypenko

 Aries (Four of Pentacles)

Aries can now count on a certain stabilization of a difficult situation in life, achieving balance and control. This applies to both financial and other areas of life. Currently, it is more important for you to save your resources than to take risks and start something new.

 Taurus (Ten of Wands)

The card warns you that you’ve put too much on your shoulders. A full moon is a good time to review your responsibilities and affairs. Most likely, you need to unburden yourself and delegate some responsibilities to others and give yourself a break.

Gemini (Ace of Pentacles)

Gemini will definitely be lucky in business this week. And this lucky chance can be waiting for you anywhere. Therefore, you need to be especially attentive and communicative in the coming days. The main thing is not to miss out on new opportunities and acquaintances, and with them your chance for success.

 Cancer (Ten Cups)

The energy of the Full Moon will manifest itself in the life of Cancer as a certain culmination of processes. And the card suggests that the ending should be successful. The kind that gives you a sense of harmony with the world, inspiration, and self-confidence. Cancers are clearly smiling at Fortune right now.

Leo (Moderation)

After the Full Moon, Leo’s life will become more balanced. The wise principle of the “golden mean” will be the answer to any questions and problems that arise. Forget about the extremes, troubles and conflicts, and just give yourself time to calm down and restore your inner balance.

Virgo (Queen of Wands)

The week will force Virgos to show the determination and activity of the Queen of Wands and take care of all those in need. It is also possible that you will meet an active and temperamental woman who will play a role in your life in the near future.

Libra (Six of Cups)

The past can unexpectedly remind Libra of itself. It will give you advice or tips about your present. Meeting a person you haven’t seen in years, or finding something from the past unexpectedly but pleasantly, all carry an important and relevant message for you.

Tarot forecast: Scorpio (Five of Pentacles)

Representatives of this sign are at risk of financial losses and failures at work. Therefore, it is better to exercise caution, restraint, and avoid dangerous situations in advance.

Sagittarius (Hermit)

Sagittarius, under the influence of the Full Moon and external circumstances, may become immersed in their feelings and suddenly want to be alone. You should not avoid it, because this state will become a resource for you and help you find answers to your questions.

Capricorn (Three of Wands)

Capricorns will finally have broad prospects. Use this chance to realize your possibilities, look into the future and choose the right landmarks on the way to your goal.

Aquarius (Six of Pentacles)

Representatives of this sign will have the opportunity to show the generosity of their souls in the near future. Help the person who has come to you with their problem, show attention to them. Remember that the good you do will definitely come back to you.

Tarot forecast: Pisces (Knight of Cups)

You can expect support and attention from Pisces in the near future. The arcana also hints at romantic experiences, meetings, love affairs, and pleasant trips for new experiences. This can certainly distract from serious business, so don’t sign important business papers right now.

Tarologist and energy therapist  Kateryna Pylypenko

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