Tarot forecast for January 30 – February 5: what the first week of February will bring

Tarot forecast for January 30 - February 5: what the first week of February will bring - 1 - изображение
The week promises to be busy and interesting. After all, it will be the last month of winter, and according to European traditions, this is the time to call for spring and start preparing for the new season. Imbolc, Candlemas, Groundhog Day, and our St. Patrick’s Day are dedicated to this. The week will end on February 5 with the Full Moon. So, the energy of the growing moon will be enough for a successful start to February and a welcome to spring! Read about the details of the new week for each zodiac sign in the tarot forecast from tarotist Kateryna Pylypenko.

Tarologist and energy therapist Kateryna Pylypenko

Tarologist and energy therapist Kateryna Pylypenko

Aries (Seven of Pentacles)

Patience is the main word of the week for Aries. Sudden moves and any haste can only harm the realization of your far-reaching plans. Remember, time works for you. Be careful not to make important decisions spontaneously and emotionally, as the approaching Full Moon can play a bad joke on you.

Taurus (Moderation)

The arcana will bring a significant balance to the life of Taurus. The answer to any questions and problems that arise during this period will be your wise adherence to the principle of the “golden mean”. The new month of winter should be met in a state of balance and satisfaction with oneself and life. 

Gemini (Magician)

Gemini will have a good week to realize their plans. All ideas will find their best realization. Thanks to the energy of the Magician, you can do anything that you have not been able to start or complete for a long time. You can also meet a motivating person or become one for someone else.

Cancer (Page of Swords)

Cancers can unexpectedly face criticism. But don’t rush to take offense or attack back. Perhaps this criticism actually contains a lot of value for you. Listen to it, and then a lot will become clear to you. The week will also require you to carefully analyze, learn new things, and engage in critical thinking. This will protect you from mistakes and potential problems.

Leo (Seven of Wands)

In the near future, Leos may face a situation that will require them to be wise, focused, and defend their own. You will have to clearly set accents and defend your boundaries. Thanks to such courage and determination, you will achieve your goals and feel the taste of victory.

Virgo (Three of Cups)

Virgos will have the opportunity to expand their social circle this week and will be able to count on new interesting and useful acquaintances that will help improve results in any area of life. Be open to new opportunities, but don’t take everything too lightly.

Libra (Five Cups)

Libras are at risk of being captured by disappointments and negative emotions. Well, it’s only natural! However, it is important not to get stuck in this state, but to move on. Give free rein to your feelings, and then you will definitely find the strength and energy for new achievements and reasons to be proud of yourself.

Scorpio (Knight of Cups)

You can expect support and attention from the representatives of this sign. So be prepared for kindness and sensitivity. This arcana also hints at romantic experiences, meetings, love affairs, and pleasant trips for new experiences. This can certainly distract from serious business, so you should not start money-related projects or sign business contracts and agreements right now.

Sagittarius (King of the Pentacles)

The end of January will force Sagittarius to take stock of their activities and rejoice in a good result. And, accordingly, later take on a new successful project or start a new stage in work. It is also possible that you will meet a professional person who will help with advice not only on work matters.

 Capricorn (Queen of Cups)

Capricorns should pay attention to themselves, their family and friends. Provide the necessary support and assistance to those who need it. It is even possible to seek psychological help. The card always hints at an intuition that you should listen to right now. Or you can listen to the advice of a sensual and wise woman you may meet this week.

Aquarius (Eight of Swords)

Aquarians may unexpectedly face obstacles, prohibitions, and restrictions this week. This can be very nerve-wracking. However, the active energy of the week will help you get through this period with dignity. Also pay attention to internal fears that can also limit you and keep you from moving forward.

Pisces (Ace of Swords)

Pisces will find a way out of a difficult situation or a solution to a complex issue. Moreover, according to the Ace of Swords, it can come as a flash or a sudden enlightenment. The card advises not to commit rash acts in the near future, but to follow the laws of logic and critical thinking.

Tarologist and energy therapist  Kateryna Pylypenko

Contacts:  @kateryna_pylypenko_tarot

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