TNMC released an animated video about mine safety

TNMC released an animated video about mine safety - 1 - изображение

The Ukrainian band TNMK and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine released an animated video and a song about mine safety “Look Where You’re Going”. The presentation was broadcasted online at on the band’s Facebook page.

Vocalists Fagot and Fozzy sang about the danger of explosive devices and the rules of handling them. The track is complemented by a video in the style of anime and blockbuster. It was created by a talented Ukrainian illustrator and comic artist Oleksandr Koreshkov.

The aim of the project is to reduce the number of accidents among adults and children through knowledge about the proper handling of explosive objects.

“I have a son, he is 12. I understand how many years ahead this country will be demined, and I want him to be safe and know: what, where and how, what coupons he should use if he sees something somewhere,” Fahot said. 

The song and video were created by the band with the support of the Eastern Europe Foundation.

Photo: TNMC

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