Supernatural star Misha Collins arrives in Ukraine

Misha Collins arrived in UkraineThe American actor Misha Collins, who became famous for the TV series Supernatural, came to Kyiv. Collins arrived in Ukraine together with former Ukrainian football player, former head coach of the Ukrainian national team, the first United24 ambassador Andriy Shevchenko and his son Jordan. On May 30, a joint photo of celebrities was posted on the Instagram page of the United24 fundraising platform.

“Look who’s here! It’s our ambassador Andriy Shevchenko! And not alone, but with his eldest son Jordan. Wait, who is that next to him? It’s a movie star, an American actor, the lead actor in the Supernatural series, Misha Collins! Welcome to Kyiv!” United24 wrote.


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By the way, in addition to Supernatural, Misha Collins also played in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, All Women Are Witches, 24, Body Parts, Out of Time, and many others. But the role of the angel Castiel made him a real star.

Author: Daria Skotchenko

Photo: United24 personal archive

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