Artists will play in Kyiv about Mariupol and Crimea


Artists from Kyiv, Mariupol and Wroclaw will create an improvisational program “Nobody is an Island”. The event will take place on December 1 at the Opera Aperta studio in Kyiv.  This art project from the ArtPole artistic formation started last year as nostalgia for the Ukrainian Crimea. Today, artists Tomas Sikora, Olya Mykhailiuk and Suren Voskanyan will address the topic of Mariupol.

Polish sound artist Tomasz Sikora repeatedly participated in joint projects with Ukrainian artists and, in particular, collected sound material in Mariupol. Many hours of the noise of the sea, Mariupol streets, peaceful Azovstal were recorded there. Olya Mykhailiuk captured the mood of the cities of the Azov region in photos and videos. Suren Voskanyan is a Mariupol musician with whom ArtPole has collaborated not for the first time. This spring, his city sounded different. Together, the artists intend to create an audiovisual map of Mariupol, which will be a continuation of the “Nobody is an Island” project, which was started last year. 

Participation is free, subject to registration at this link: 

Photo: ArtPole


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