Kalush Orchestra’s first press conference: about Azovstal, disqualification and victory


Kalush Orchestra's first press conference: about Azovstal, disqualification and victory - 1 - изображение

Immediately after winning the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, the band “Kalush Orchestra gave a press conference at the Pala Olimpico arena in Turin. Oleh Psyuk answered journalists’ questions about the call to help Azovstal, possible disqualification and what he will do next. Head of the Ukrainian delegation Oksana Skybinska received a congratulatory folder symbolizing the transfer of documents on preparations for the next Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine.

We are publishing the main points from the press conference.

About the victory

–  We were in first place according to bookmakers’ forecasts. The more people heard about Ukraine, the more they listened to the song. I have been to different countries and heard that people listen to it. Therefore, I am very grateful to everyone who voted for her. Any victory now will be very important, and since our culture is under threat, we need to show that Ukrainian culture is alive, Ukrainian music is alive and has a very beautiful handwriting.

Висловлюю велику подяку кожній країні й кожній людині, що підтримували нас. We have not had good news for a long time. I thank everyone who helped bring at least some good news to Ukraine.

About Eurovision in Ukraine

– Ukraine will be happy to host the next Eurovision Song Contest in a united, happy and developed Ukraine.

About rap at the Eurovision Song Contest

– Rap, hip-hop is now mainstream, number one in the world, and why shouldn’t it be at Eurovision? So I wanted to be that pioneer.

On why he spoke on stage about Azovstal

– This is a big problem for our country. It’s a blockade, more than 1000 people are surrounded on all sides. We need help to free these people. That’s why we turn to a third (other) country to help them get out. How to help? Informationally – to tell everyone, to write about it. There is a lot of press here, and if each of you writes about it, it will really help us.

Kalush Orchestra's first press conference: about Azovstal, disqualification and victory - 2 - изображение

On the risk of disqualification

– People who are asking themselves about disqualification do not realize how big a problem we have in our country. I really hope that at least one person out of 200 million will see this and be able to help us in this matter.

About feelings abroad

– My worries don’t end when I cross the border, because I have all my relatives and people I know in Ukraine. Maybe it’s more like the other way around, because when I’m in Ukraine, I realize that I can influence and protect someone.

About plans after returning

The Polish journalist congratulated the leader of the Kalush Orchestra, Oleh Psyuk, on his upcoming birthday, which he will celebrate on May 16, and called on all the journalists to sing “Happy Birthday” to him.

– On May 16, I will be on the road, returning to Ukraine. Upon my return, I plan to celebrate my birthday with my family and friends.

About the results of the jury’s vote

– This is a contest where you have to show yourself through the screen, and the jury also evaluated you through the screen. I realize how different it is. That’s why it’s very difficult to present yourself like that. We need to work on how to present ourselves through the screen.

About the favorites at Eurovision

– My favorites at Eurovision 2022 were Italy, the UK, Poland and Moldova.

On supporting young singers

– Now, during the war, many Ukrainian singers are uniting. And it is very important to support young artists. Our goal is to make Ukrainian music popular not only in Ukraine but also around the world. Eurovision is a very good platform for this.

Work on the Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine begins

During the press conference, Eurovision supervisor Martin Osterdahl congratulated the winners and handed over to the head of the Ukrainian delegation Oksana Skybinska welcome pack. This is a folder with all the necessary contacts to start working on the Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine.

“Please know that we are always with you, always close to Ukraine,”Martin Osterdahl said at .

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