The Bachelor 12 finale: meeting Alex’s mom and the ring ceremony

The Bachelor 12.

The long-awaited finale will take place in the 12th episode of The Bachelor 12. The main character will make his choice and confess his feelings to the one whose name his heart tells him. Moreover, Alex Topolsky will introduce the finalists to his mother, who is able to see through. And after meeting his family, the Bachelor will invite the girls to Madeira, where he will finally present the ring to his chosen one. Don’t miss the impressive finale of The Bachelor 12 this Friday, January 13, at 19:00 on STB TV channel!

An unforgettable finale

Sasha and Katya became the finalists of the 12th season of The Bachelor. Completely different in appearance and temperament, the girls will try to reach Alex‘s heart for the last time in reality. But whose energy will captivate a man more? Passion and flame or solid trust and calmness? In addition, on the last dates both Sasha and Katya will reveal themselves in a new way. Therefore, two opposites will meet in balance, which will greatly complicate the final decision.

“Katya and I are very different. I am an open person, and Katya is a closed one. I know for sure that Alex does not need a closed girl. It remains to wait until Alex puts a ring on my finger,”says Sasha Mudra.  

The Bachelor 12.

Alex with mom and Sasha

But Katya is convinced that only feelings will win, not a logical approach to choosing a partner. 

“I have strong feelings for both girls. There is very little time left to make the most important choice in life. In Madeira there will be a lot of extreme, a whole range of emotions and feelings. But first I will introduce the girls to my mother”, – intrigues the Bachelor.

The Bachelor 12.

Alex and Katya

  • Which of the girls will Alex’s mom give a real hostess test?
  • Does Katya admit that she still does not consider herself a Bachelor’s girlfriend?
  • How will the extreme date with Mudra go? And what whirlpool of feelings will engulf the couple after?
  • But how long will the Bachelor and Katya kiss in the waterfall?
  • And most importantly: who will become the chosen one of Alex Topolsky? To whom will he give the ring and confess his love?

The last dates and those most desired moments when the girls will be alone with the Bachelor for the whole night. The ocean of passions and hot lava of confessions – that’s what viewers will see this Friday, January 13, on STB TV channel! 

Photo: STB press service

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