TV family 1+1 congratulated Oleksiy Sukhanov on his birthday

TV family 1+1 congratulated Oleksiy Sukhanov on his birthday - 1 - изображение

TV presenters Marichka Padalko, Kostyantyn Grubych, Volodymyr Rabchun and Ruslan Sharipov welcomed Alexey Sukhanov, a favorite of millions, to the 1+1 TV family. Everyone congratulated the newcomer on his first birthday on 1+1. In the morning, before Oleksiy had even left the house, he received a phone call from Yegor Gordeev during the live broadcast of Breakfast with 1+1.   

Bouquet of cotton, cake and favorite hoodie

And already in the studio Oleksiy Sukhanov received special gifts from the TV presenters. New Year’s bouquet with cotton – a flower that has become a meme among Ukrainians and a personalized cake. Volodymyr Rabchun and Valentyna Khamayko presented their new colleague, known for his laconic style and images from Ukrainian designers, with a stylish hoodie – exactly what Oleksiy likes. In black is a laconic favorite color for everyday wardrobe. The TAIYŌ brand was launched by 1+1 TV presenters during the full-scale war. The founders donate part of the profits to charity and assistance to the Armed Forces, as well as try to provide jobs at this time.

TV family 1+1 congratulated Oleksiy Sukhanov on his birthday - 2 - изображение

Big TV family 1+1 congratulated new colleague Oleksiy Sukhanov on his birthday

Congratulations to all. Warm and homely – with hugs, kisses, friendly photos in memory and sincere wishes. It was on this day that the whole team of Oleksiy’s new show “The Whole Country is Talking” came to work. And it is already preparing the first issues. For broadcasts on 1+1.

“Today I wish not only myself, but all of us. And this is the most important thing – the victory of Ukraine. Because if there is a victory, everything will work out and there will be no obstacles, there will be millions of opportunities to do your job and love”, –  said Oleksiy, and also shared his impressions of the new TV family.

TV family 1+1 congratulated Oleksiy Sukhanov on his birthday - 3 - изображение

Marichka Padalko and Oleksiy Sukhanov

Marichka Padalko also wished her new colleague to meet the victory this year and bring it closer every day.

“I found myself in a very cool family now. With the team we have to “not fail”, we have to meet the high standards of 1+1 and become the watch where even the smallest detail works in a way that makes it Swiss.”

It should be reminded that soon the talk show “The Whole Country is Talking” with host Oleksiy Sukhanov will premiere on the channel. In the format of journalistic investigation, the project will reveal the details of events that have caused a public outcry. The project will be produced by the team of producer Akim Galimov at 1+1.

Photo: 1+1 press service

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