Working out at home: the best fitness channels on YouTube

Working out at home: the best fitness channels on YouTube - 1 - изображение

YouTube channels dedicated to all kinds of sports, from yoga to weightlifting, to help you tone your body from the comfort of your own home.


This channel is entirely dedicated to body aesthetics. Advice from professional athletes and bodybuilders can help you build an athletic body from the ground up. YougiftedBB captures athlete tips from the popular Fitness Bikini, Men’s Physic and Bodybuilding categories.


Ukrainian fitness blogger Tatyana Fedorishcheva’s YouTube is ideal for effective home workouts. The channel offers free three-week weight loss marathons with sets of exercises that each take no more than 30 minutes to complete.


BeFit is among the most famous fitness channels on YouTube. Here you will find a series of videos on dance workouts, traditional fitness, yoga, weight loss complexes and more.


If you only have 15 minutes to play sports, you should check out the MadFit Sports Channel. Although the content provides dance workouts, they are high intensity.


Cassey Ho is a certified fitness instructor and her channel centers around Pilates in all its various forms.

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