The color of success: the most famous blondes of Ukrainian show business

The color of success: the most famous blondes of Ukrainian show business - 1 - изображение

Gentlemen prefer blondes is not only the title of a famous American movie of the 50s, but also a well-established postulate in the world of art and stage. Indeed, many artists have benefited from the decisive step towards blond hair. Actresses Marilyn Monroe, Catherine Deneuve, Kate Winslet, singers Madonna, Britney Spears and many others not only changed their hair color to blonde for the sake of their profession, but also increased their popularity.

In addition, owners of blonde curls rightfully occupy the first place in the list of men’s favorites, as their fatal and touching beauty captivates at first sight. The owners of the “golden crown” even have their own holiday, which is celebrated on May 31 – Blondes’ Day. In Ukrainian show business, many of the most popular artists have blond hair. Among them: Olya Polyakova, Kamalia, Ekaterina Buzhinskaya, Svetlana Loboda, Tina Karol, Lesya Nikitiuk, Vera Brezhneva, Irina Fedishin, Tonya Matvienko, and Vera Kekelia. What are public blondes really like, on stage and in real life?

Olya Polyakova, the popular super-blonde of the Ukrainian scene, was dark-haired as a child. In archival photographs, at the age of 3, the singer was captured with a short brown haircut. Today she is called the “Queen of the Night” of Ukrainian show business. Her new songs immediately become hits and are heard in every corner of Ukraine. Olya knows how to attract the attention of the public, is not afraid to express her thoughts, and knows how to find ways out of any situation. The hard-working Polyakova worked hard during the quarantine, recording endless vlogs and live-streaming on Instagram. Poliakova is a happy wife and mother of two daughters.


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The mysterious and unusual Tina Karol is depicted in school photos with long brown hair and a dreamy look. Today, she is a bright blonde with heavenly eyes and chiseled cheekbones, a public favorite and a role model for girls. Tina began her vocal career as a member of the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, where she was a soloist. Later, she became a laureate of the New Wave song contest for young performers. A year later, she represented Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest, where she took 7th place. Tina was an overnight hit with the public, her songs became instant hits. The performer is able to surprise the audience with image changes and extraordinary performances. Unfortunately, the artist had to raise her son alone after the death of her beloved husband. Since then, Karol has learned to do everything on her own. She has no producer, she works on her career independently. Collaborations with artists, films about her creative life, tours, music videos, new songs and brand collaborations are all the result of her daily work.


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Kamalia, the richest singer on the Ukrainian stage, wore blonde hair even in her youth. A prominent and talented girl, she constantly participated in various vocal competitions. Kamalia was the best vocalist at the Kyiv Circus and Variety College, and as such she was invited to tour Poland. After winning several prestigious festivals, she began to perform independently. Today, Kamalia is not only the wife of a Pakistani billionaire and philanthropist, the mother of twin daughters, but also the owner of her own production center Kamalia and concert agency. Recently, the singer opened two coffee shops in the center of Kyiv.


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TV presenter and traveler Lesya Nikitiuk used to wear her long brown hair in school. It was only later, after her first successes in the “Big Show,” that Lesya began to brighten the natural tone of her curls. In a fairly short time on the screen, Nikitiuk managed to become one of the most popular hosts in the Ukrainian television space. She is a national favorite, watched with pleasure by millions of viewers and social media users. Lesya started out with KVN, then made a big name for herself in the project “Make a Comedian Laugh,” and her TV career took off. Nikitiuk is also an active blogger on Instagram. Her hits are travel, humor, and choosing the right outfits. Not so long ago, Lesya realized another project of hers – she recorded a song about Ukrainian roads. But the star is reluctant to talk about her personal life. She does not hide the fact that she was in love, but she does not declassify her chosen one.


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The daughter of the legendary singer Nina Matvienko has captivated the Ukrainian public with her incredible voice and beauty. Tonya Matvienko continued her mother’s work, performing with orchestras. The girl’s vocals are unique, so it is immediately recognizable among thousands of others.

On her Instagram page, the Ukrainian pop star shared a photo from 24 years ago. It turns out that Tonya used to have long dark hair as a child. It is worth noting that Tonya is now blonde and has not decided to make any drastic changes for many years. Antonina is happily married to People’s Artist of Ukraine Arsen Mirzoyan and has two daughters.

Text: Olga Aleksandrovich


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