Эшли Грэм показала, как тренироваться с малышом

Эшли Грэм показала, как тренироваться с малышом - 1 - изображение

Plus-size модель Эшли Грэм, которая недавно родила первенца, показала тренировку вместе с малышом. Трогательный ролик появился на официальной странице в Instagram журнала Vogue Paris, передает Хроника.инфо со ссылкой на Корреспондент.

На кадрах видно, как Грэм занимается на газоне пред домом. Звезда лежит на коврике, поднимая сына на вытянутых руках и опуская к груди. Также модель сгибает и разгибает ноги. Сама Грэм отметила, что тренировки в это непростое время помогают ей оставаться позитивной, и позволяют чувствовать себя живой.


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#FromHomeWithLove Every day during this period of confinement, we stay in touch with the Vogue Family and we invite a guest to send us a picture specially from their home, as well as sharing their tips on how they are staying positive during this difficult time. Today, it’s the turn of @AshleyGraham ”Working out during this time has not only kept me positive, but also makes us feel alive during such a sedentary time. I instantly feel more calm and level headed after yoga or working out. Right before this started I just returned to working out for the first time after giving birth. Pregnancy and this crisis have made me acutely aware of my body, health, and touch. I’m in awe that my body created life and I know it deserves my love and protection. It’s a strange time to be a new mom, but I’m so grateful to be able to hold Issac so close to me—it feels that much more intimate during a time when we must refrain from touching others. Some mornings it feels like things will always be this way, but I have faith this will pass. I hope that once it does we emerge more empathetic to others, more humanitarian, and more connected and loving to our bodies. Loving them for the health, movement, and life they provide us with and not just for how they look.” #StayHome #StaySafe

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