Tarot forecast for December 11-17: New Moon against Mercury Retrograde

Tarot forecast from tarologist Kateryna Pylypenko

The week is notable for the fact that on December 13 at 01:32 Kyiv, the last New Moon of 2023 will set. And he will come in the sign of Sagittarius, which seeks activity and forward movement. However, this time he will be hampered by Mercury Retrograde, which also begins on December 13 and will last until December 31. So don’t be surprised if all the plans don’t go the way you want on the holidays, there will be a mess in paperwork, and communication will also be difficult. That’s all he is, RetroMercury.

Kateryna Pylypenko

Tarot forecast from tarologist Kateryna Pylypenko

Tarot forecast from by tarologist Kateryna Pylypenko:

Aries (Emperor)

You will feel like an Emperor on horseback. But this is not about resting on one’s laurels, but about active activity, determination in solving cases and great responsibility.

Taurus (Priestess)

Under the influence of the New Moon and RetroMercury, you may feel uncertain and unclear in business. Accept the situation and be patient.

Gemini (King of the Pentacles)

On the eve of the New Moon there is a chance to see the result of your work. You will feel financial stability and control over the situation.

Cancer (6 Cups)

This week is quite suitable for buying gifts for family and friends for the holidays. The prospect of meeting loved ones already warms your soul.

Lion (Page of Swords)

RetroMercury can insert sticks into wheels, so take your time, but first understand the nuances, study the questions. And only after that act.

Virgo (10 of Wands)

It may not be an easy week for you. Have you taken on too much? Review your approach, decompress and start a new phase with the New Moon.

Libra (7 of Wands)

The week will remind about borders and principles that must be protected. Feel free to discuss your rules and set your own emphasis. This will bring you the desired result.

Scorpio (Page of Pentacles)

With the new Moon, an unexpected chance for self-realization may come to you. Do not miss interesting offers and new opportunities in the near future.

Sagittarius (Moderation)

This card falls to Sagittarius for the second time in a row. Perhaps you really need to slow down now and stick to the golden mean in everything. All the more, RetroMercury strengthens its influence this week.

Capricorn (2 of Pentacles)

Under the influence of the energies of the New Moon and RetroMercury, you will have to manage several things at the same time, skillfully juggling them and keeping a balance. And this is impossible without your bright energy and professional abilities.

Aquarius (Sun)

You will be lucky enough to fully experience what success, joy and harmony are. Sunny days will come in your life, literally and figuratively.

Pisces (Strength)

Mercury retrograde may try to find you a challenge to test your fortitude, courage and wisdom. To emerge victorious from this is your main task.

Photo and text: tarot and energy therapist Kateryna Pylypenko

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