Timur and Inna Miroshnychenko: “We will have six children”


Inna Miroshnichenko

Kyiv hosted the awarding ceremony for the all-Ukrainian Dad of the Year 2023 award. The winners in each of the eight nominations, including Dad-Volunteer, Dad-Military, Dad-Cultural, Dad-Medical, Dad-Influencer, Dad-Utility, Dad-Educator, Dad-Business, were chosen online by everyone and an expert jury for a month. Timur Miroshnichenko, host of ZhVL Presents, which airs daily at 9:15 a.m. on 1+1 Ukraine, received a special award for Dad of the Year, chosen by the editorial board. The organizers said that they honored Timur because he shows and inspires many parents to adopt in Ukraine by his example.

The host himself could not attend the award, so he recorded a congratulatory video:

“I am extremely pleased to receive this award. Thank you very much for the choice. I think this award is dedicated to all fathers who have long realized that there is no difference between mom and dad for a child, first and foremost. That’s why we have to be able to do everything, love and appreciate them endlessly. Thank you!”

His wife, lawyer and blogger Inna Miroshnychenko, received the award at the ceremony:

“For me and for everyone, probably the most important quality in a father is the ability to love his child unconditionally, to allow him to make mistakes, to not meet expectations, to allow him to be different from what you would like or what someone else would like, to allow him to be an uncomfortable, crying, naughty, but loved child. When a father shows all this to his child, he grows up to be a happy, fulfilled, uncomplicated adult. This is the task not only of the father, but also of the mother, to create all the conditions for the child to be able to express himself, to be different, and then to grow up and say at the age of 15: “Why do I need this teenage crisis if I have already lived through it? So I am very grateful for the attention to my family and my husband. If it weren’t for a man like Timur, I probably wouldn’t have thought about having my first child.

We have three children now and are expecting our fourth. The other day I told my husband: “We’re going to have six children,” and he asked if we should buy a bus now or later. With a dad like that around, a woman is ready to do anything: give birth, adopt, love, hug and give warmth. I thank all the fathers who are nominated today, who are receiving awards, for being there, for being your cool wives, for raising your cool children, and for inspiring our cool Ukrainians.”

Timur Miroshnychenko and his wife are raising three children: 5-year-old Mia, 3-year-old Mark, and 2-year-old Marcel, who was adopted a few months ago.

We would like to remind you that this is the second Dad of the Year award for Timur Miroshnychenko – he received the first one in 2021.

Photo: press service

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