Olya Polyakova tells how she saved her mother from propaganda

Olya Polyakova

Singer On the eve of her big concert at the Palace of Ukraine, Olya Polyakova gave a frank interview to Dmytro Gordon about her life in wartime, her attitude to Potap and Zelensky, the scandal surrounding the Adult Girls project, her outrage at the sentence Yefrosynina received in Russia, the mystery surrounding her age, and answered the question of whether she uses the services of plastic surgeons and commented on rumors of an affair with Mikhail Dianov.

Here are the most interesting parts of the interview: 

“I didn’t have an anxiety suitcase”: Poliakova tells about the first day of the warsи

I remember the first day of the full-scale invasion very well, because everything came to a halt. I was shooting that day, and a lot of people were involved. When it became known that a full-scale invasion had begun, no one called anyone, everything was canceled in an instant. It was a shock. No one knew what to do. I didn’t have an anxiety suitcase because I didn’t believe. There was fear, despair, especially when you have two children. We decided to go to the west of Ukraine, and from there to abroad. I had two tracksuits and that was it, I didn’t even have a comb. I didn’t understand what was coming next, and I’m still in that state. Of course, now there is a lot of work that is connected not only with concert activities, but also with charity. But we can’t plan for more than a week.

 “This is garbage”: Polyakova speaks emotionally about Russian colleagues and how she saved her mother from Russian propaganda

I treat Russian artists like garbage. They are not even bio-waste, they are not human beings. People who fall into that environment and watch TV, even the most conscious ones, fall under propaganda. When the war broke out in 2014 and Crimea and part of Donbas were occupied, my mother lived in Moscow. She is a normal, beautiful, intelligent person. But sometimes she would tell me things on the phone that caused us to fight, and we didn’t even talk for a while. Then we decided that we would avoid these topics. And only when she started traveling to Ukraine more and realizing what was really happening. I also asked her to turn off the TV. After that, my mother and I had no more problems, and now she not only understands everything, she left Moscow last March, although she had lived there for more than 20 years, and left her husband there. And this is her personal drama.

 “People have the right to be afraid”: Polyakova comments on Potap’s departure abroad

I told Lyosha (Oleksiy Potapenko – ed.) in a personal meeting that he is a great, strong man and an artist, Honored! And people did not forgive him for being abroad for a long time. Although Oleksiy had the most informative blog on Instagram since the first days of the war. It was very cool, and then something happened, and I have a suspicion that he was scared. Some artists received calls from Timati and Kadyrov and were threatened as they knew how: with death, murder of their relatives, and told that they would find them anywhere in the world and cut them into pieces. I personally know two artists who received calls, I won’t name them, but these artists were not afraid and continued to do their work, and some of them kept silent. I am absolutely sure that any person has the right to be afraid. People are different and they have a different sense of self-preservation.

Poliakova tells how she survived the language scandal around Adult Girls

There are so many enemies around that if we poison each other, we will simply eat each other. We wrote the first issues of Adult Girls abroad. It was difficult for us to switch to Ukrainian. And we said in the program that we would shoot in Ukrainian, but we needed time. And then there was a hate speech, a big scandal. Masha is very vulnerable, she was upset. I survived it easily. I’m used to hate. I didn’t watch anything bad. I just came to Ukraine, understood the people’s request, looked at the comments under the program, that people wanted the Ukrainian language, and we listened.

 “Why did they give her a free pass and not me?” Polyakova comments on Yefrosinina’s sentence in Russia

I’m so offended, Masha Efrosinina and I made all these videos together, spitting into the camera together and calling the bunker a bunker f*ck, a bunker f*ck. Why was she convicted and I was not?

“All masks have lost their meaning”: Olya Polyakova tells why she hid her age

I hid my age for a long time. Only in Adult Girls did I say that I was lying for five years. I’ve been making my career for a long time and for many years I was a beginner singer, and when I did the Superblyanka project, I was 30 years old and a beginner singer with a bow on my head. And I felt ashamed to be an aspiring singer for so long. And when I no longer cared about it, I was embarrassed to admit it. But when the war came, all the nonsense, stickers, and masks lost their meaning. I realized that age is the least of my worries. Today I am open and follow my desires.

Did you go to plastic surgeons?

I do a lot of things, but they are not surgical interventions. This is a thorough cosmetic care. My parameters have not changed for 30 years. I’m at the same weight, I keep fit, I take care of myself.

Poliakova comments on rumors of an affair with Azovstal defender

We became friends with Mikhail Dianov, who is having an affair with my husband, Vadik. I met him during the cooperation of our charitable foundations. We had a big collection, we didn’t have enough money, and Mikhail together with the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation gave us 2 million, and we fitted the prostheses to the beautiful guys. Mykhailo and I struck up a friendship right away, I invited him home, and he and my husband became friends. And he even joked that he had come from one captivity to another, because we had him for two weeks.

Polyakova’s daughter enters Berkeley

My Masha applied to 5 English universities and a sixth, a cool Scottish one, and got in everywhere. She is smart, very energetic and resourceful. She is great at exams and interviews, she is not shy, and she is very open. This bribes the admission committee a lot. She chose the best university in London. She studied there for a year, but before that she wanted to go to another university, but she was 17 years old, and she couldn’t get into that university in America, but she really wanted to. And after six months in England, she applied to Berkeley and entered the performance department. It is the best music university in the world. She enrolled in the winter session and had six months free. I advised her to apply to the Kyiv Conservatory to study composition, and she did. She will graduate from both the Conservatory and Berkeley.

“I was Valera for a year and a half”: Olya Polyakova tells how her daughter protested against gender stereotypes

This is an interesting case study for all parents who are worried when their children behave differently from the norm. About two years ago, Alisa told me that she was Valera, that she wanted to wear men’s clothes, and told me to call her “homeless Valera.” When it was her birthday, she asked me to make a dump for her, and she celebrated there. She asked her dad to buy her men’s swimming trunks to swim in the pool, and she wore men’s clothes. And people around me started asking, “Is it gender neutral?” I looked at it and said, “Okay,” and called the school and asked them to register her as Valera. I realized that she was protesting against gender attitudes, she was tired of hearing that she couldn’t do something just because she was a girl. She was Valera for a year and a half, and then she became Alice again and bought dresses. I just had to give my child time to realize who he is in life.

“I took money out in my underwear”: Olya Polyakova reveals how she traveled abroad after the start of the full-scale invasion

I didn’t know when a few months had passed since the start of the full-scale invasion whether I would ever earn money. Or the money that I took out in my underpants in a small wad… I was leaving with my children, and it was fashionable to take out only 10 thousand dollars. I hid the rest in my underwear. It was not a million dollars. I thought that this money of 25-30 thousand would be enough for me…

“I want to go to Eurovision”: Olya Polyakova talks about her collaboration with iconic Swedish musicians

We started working with Army of lovers music producer Anders Hensson. And at the beginning of the war, we ordered a Swedish superblockbuster for the Eurovision Song Contest. He wrote such a cool song that would have won first place. He had already written songs for the Eurovision Song Contest, and they won. I want to go to Eurovision if the rules are changed. I have something to show. 

When there was a scandal with MARUV, the rules were changed so that now artists who have been in Russia since 2014 cannot officially enter the song contest from Ukraine. I have not traveled to Moscow, even for a private visit to my mother, since  2015. I’ve always supported Ukraine, so I don’t understand why I can’t go to Eurovision.

Photo: press service

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