Tarot forecast for October 16-22: the eclipse corridor will fatally affect our lives

Tarot prediction

On October 14, we entered the autumn eclipse corridor, which will last until October 28. Everything that happens during this period will have important and even fatal consequences. It will be very difficult to change the decisions made now. Therefore, it is better to carefully consider and weigh each step, and if you are not sure, postpone the final decision until the eclipse corridor ends.

Tarot forecast from by tarologist Kateryna Pylypenko:

Kateryna Pylypenko

Tarot forecast from tarologist Kateryna Pylypenko

Aries (Hanged)

Some processes may stop unexpectedly. But why unexpectedly? Anything can happen during the eclipse corridor. Think of such delays and uncertainty as philosophical.

Taurus (Chariot)

An important trip or move is possible. However, given the impact of the eclipse corridor, consider all the risks and possible consequences of your decisions.

Gemini (Moderation)

Act carefully and moderately in difficult circumstances. Do not make sudden movements and remain calm in any situation.

Cancer (4 of Wands)

It will be a joyful week for you, as it will bring pleasant surprises. Prepare yourself mentally for joyful meetings, celebrations, interesting events, and promising acquaintances.

Lion (Knight of the Pentacles)

Diligent work and its results will become a magical “Ariadne’s thread” for you, which will safely guide and lead you out of the complex maze of eclipses.

Virgo (Ace of Cups)

Your hobbies or crushes now may have serious prospects in the future. So take your decisions seriously.

Libra (6 of Wands)

It depends on you, but this week will be very successful for you, bringing many victories and solving long-standing problems. Projects launched before the eclipse will be successfully developed.

Scorpio (Queen of Wands)

The week, along with the eclipse corridor, will require you to be courageous, determined, and active in your business. And also to take care of those who need it.

Sagittarius (6 Cups)

The corridor of eclipses will make you look to your past. Meeting with your parents or old friends will give you support and inspiration during this difficult period.

Capricorn (9 of Wands)

You may feel exhausted because you’re trying in vain to achieve your goals. Remember the insidiousness of the eclipse corridor and take a time out.

Aquarius (King of Pentacles)

You will see the positive results of your work, of what you have been working on lately. In general, this week will be very successful for you in the professional and financial spheres.

Pisces (Devil)

The energy of the eclipse corridor can activate your hidden fears, negative emotions, or addictions. Be prepared for such a turn of events.

Photo and text: tarot and energy therapist Kateryna Pylypenko


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