Tarot forecast for May 22-28: an active sunny week ahead

tarot predictionThe new moon on May 19 finally rid us of the shadow of the eclipse corridor, so now the moon is growing, and our energy and self-confidence are growing with it. Therefore, the new week will be good for active work and the development of any projects, for shopping and recreation. Tarot forecast from by tarologist Kateryna Pylypenko:

tarologist and energy therapist Ekaterina Pylypenko

tarologist and energy therapist Ekaterina Pylypenko

 Aries (King of Wands)

The growing energy of the Moon will have a positive impact on you, so take on new opportunities with determination, be proactive and take initiative. Now luck is on your side!

 Taurus (Seven Cups)

Choosing between different interesting options is never easy. However, it is better to refrain from making a serious decision in the near future. It’s better to think things through once again, weigh the pros and cons.

 Gemini (Sun)

You will have sunny days in your life, literally and figuratively. You will be lucky enough to fully experience what joy and harmony are. On this sunny wave, you have every chance to succeed and realize your dreams.

 Cancer (Seven of Wands)

What you have now belongs to you by right. But in the coming days, we will have to prove it and repel certain attacks on your achievements. In general, the week will be energetic and eventful for you.

 Lion (Knight of Cups)

You may go through a period filled with romantic experiences, exciting meetings, love conflicts, and simply comfortable trips for new experiences.

 Virgo (Five of Wands)

An active desire to prove yourself right and competent may play a cruel joke on you this week. So be careful not to aggravate the situation and avoid any manifestations of competition.

Tarot forecast for May 22-28: Libra (Magician)

It’s a good time to put your plans into action. Your ideas will find their best realization. Thanks to the energy of the Magician and the growing moon, you can do something that you have not been able to start or complete for a long time.

 Scorpio (Queen of Cups)

This week will require you to take care of yourself and others. Avoid conflict situations, give yourself some rest, and look for answers to important questions within yourself.

 Sagittarius (Four of Pentacles)

You can now count on a certain stabilization in your life, on achieving balance and control in all areas. Although the active Moon can provoke you to spend a lot of money, it’s worth temporarily turning on the economy mode.

Tarot forecast for May 22-28: Capricorn (Knight of Swords)

You’ll have to resolve conflicts or work things out yourself. We need to bring everything to light. But don’t forget that energy is running high, so act reasonably and fairly for all parties.

 Aquarius (Ten of Pentacles)

You’ll have to devote this week to family matters. The feeling of unity in the family circle and the joy of communication will fill you with vital energy that will help you overcome difficulties in the future.

 Pisces (Strength)

The circumstances will require you to be confident, determined, and persistent. The active energy of the Moon will help you achieve your goals and win. But act without aggression, gently and confidently.

Tarotist and energy therapist Kateryna Pylypenko

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