Tarot forecast for May 1-7: what the Lunar Eclipse will bring

Tarot predictionThe week begins with the ancient Celtic holiday of Beltane, which celebrated fertility, warmth, and sunshine and usually signified the onset of summer. In addition, a lunar eclipse will take place on May 5, which closes the eclipse corridor. However, the stagnation in business will not end with this, as Mercury retrograde will continue until May 15. Therefore, the slowdown in various affairs and the return to unfinished important processes in life will be observed for the next two weeks. Tarot forecast from the tarologist Kateryna Pylypenko:

Aries (Ace of Pentacles)

Luck will fall into your hands. You just need to not miss it, not to miss the chance that this May gives you. Gifts, a part-time job, or a dream offer – all of these are in line with the energy of the Ace of Pentacles.

Taurus (King of Cups)

It’s amazing, but when the same card comes up for the second week in a row, it’s a direct hint from the universe. You should balance your earthly energy with the element of water, i.e. the King of Cups. Feel light, inspired, and able to enjoy impractical things. Allow your emotions to “control” you a little.

 Gemini (Page of the Pentacles)

If you’ve been dreaming of getting your chance for self-realization for a long time, now it’s here. In the near future, you will be able to count on interesting offers, valuable advice and support. However, it is better to act after the eclipse corridor ends.

Tarot forecast for May 1-7: Cancer (Nine of Wands)

Cancers will have to solve certain complex problems. Without waiting for help from anyone and relying only on yourself. Strain and stress are unavoidable. However, remember the period we are all in.

Leo (Four of Wands)

You will have a reason to rejoice. Whether it’s a successful professional result, a financial reward, or an important event in a relationship, you’ll receive confirmation that you’re moving in the right direction.

 Virgo (Four of Cups)

Certain anxieties can make you feel emotionally unstable and sad. Do not give in, continue to be open to the universe and to the people around you. Also, pay attention to the opportunities around you that you shouldn’t miss because of a minor mood.

Tarot forecast for May 1-7: Libra (Court)

The new week can be very important for you because you will have to take stock of certain things before starting a new stage in your life. And it can begin with the end of the eclipse corridor.

 Scorpio (Ace of Wands)

The beginning of May will encourage you to conquer new heights. You have the strength and desire to do so. However, keep in mind the period of the eclipse corridor and Mercury’s retrograde.

 Sagittarius (King of Swords)

The week will require you to be resilient, patient, and make logical decisions. Starting something new is never easy, but it is very exciting. Don’t neglect the valuable advice from an authoritative and pragmatic man like the King of Swords.

 Capricorn (Ten of Pentacles)

You will have to devote the beginning of May to family matters. The feeling of unity in the family circle and the joy of communication will fill you with the right energy that will help you overcome difficulties in the future.

 Aquarius (Five Cups)

There may be unpleasant surprises in your life that will spoil your mood and nerves. Could this be how the eclipse corridor will be affected? Then you don’t have to worry, you just have to wait for it to be completed.

 Pisces (Page of Cups)

You can relax a bit during these May days and pay attention to your loved one or the things that always inspire you. Romantic actions will be a successful combination of these components. So get creative and act boldly.

Tarotist and energy therapist Kateryna Pylypenko

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