Rhinestones on hair – a fashion trend from the 90s

Rhinestones on hair - a trend of the 90s Hair rhinestones are an incredibly popular trend that has come back to us from the 90s and 2000s, bringing brightness, shine and a dose of retro style to the looks. These sparkling stones, usually attached to hair strands or placed on fancy hairstyles, give women’s and men’s hairstyles an unforgettable look.


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Hair rhinestones can be placed all over the head or used to create individual accents. This trend gives you the opportunity to experiment with different shapes, sizes and colors of rhinestones, which allows you to create unique looks for any event or everyday life.

Nowadays, videos of girls posing with this trend are very active on Tik Tok and Instagram. They also show a lot of online tutorials that will help you achieve a rhinestone look.


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There’s no wrong way to style your hair after using rhinestones, as it’s just about adding shine and radiance. Try applying them to loose wavy or curly hair to create an ethereal and fabulous look, or add them to a slicked back hairstyle, or along the edges of your hair or parting for a more glamorous look. Everything is to your taste!

Author: Daria Skotchenko

Photo: pexels

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