Tarot forecast for May 8-14: Mercury retrograde will make life difficult

tarot predictionAlthough the lunar eclipse and the eclipse corridor are over, Mercury will be retrograde until May 15. This means that this week you will have to be cautious and not expect much activity in terms of document flow, signing important papers, and generally improving communication. Tarot forecast from tarologist Kateryna Pylypenko:

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Tarologist and energy therapist Kateryna Pylypenko

 Aries (Empress)

Spring and the Empress’s creative energy will inspire you to do unexpected but bold things. This will bring joy to your life and the lives of others, and may also have an interesting continuation. You may want to spend time with your family, renovate your home, or just go shopping.

Tarot forecast: Taurus (Five of Swords)

Difficult external circumstances can cause painful experiences and fears. Act proactively, don’t let yourself get discouraged now, when your loved ones need you so much. In very complicated cases, contact a specialist.

 Gemini (Eight of Swords)

You may unexpectedly encounter obstacles, bans, and restrictions. And that’s what can get on your nerves. However, maintaining an internal balance will help you get through this period with dignity, and the end of Mercury retrograde early next week will help you get things moving.

 Cancer (Lovers)

In the near future, you may be faced with the need to make a choice that can be called a test of will. At the same time, you may be driven by such strong feelings that you may do strange things. So don’t be surprised. However, you will be lucky in all love affairs.

Lion (Five Cups)

Some situations or people may disappoint you. And this will not least be the result of Mercury retrograde. However, you will have the wisdom and mental strength to survive this with dignity and trust this world again.

Virgo (King of Pentacles)

Hard work and titanic efforts will finally bring the result you need. Which you also know how to use correctly. So soon you will be able to relax and be happy for yourself.

Libra (Emperor)

You will have to play the role of the Emperor and take responsibility for making important decisions, managing affairs, and taking care of their course. Luck is on your side now, so feel free to take on challenging tasks. The result will soon surprise you and completely satisfy you.

Tarot forecast: Scorpio (Hermit)

Under the influence of Mercury retrograde energy and external circumstances, you will want to immerse yourself in your feelings and be alone. You should not avoid it, because this state will become a resource for you and help you find answers to your questions.

 Sagittarius (Nine of Pentacles)

The week will bring you positive news, business arrangements, and good prospects for the future. Despite various difficult circumstances, you will be able to feel inner confidence, harmony, and control over your life.

 Capricorn (Three of Swords)

There is a risk that unpleasant news or difficult life circumstances can lead to despair, depression, etc. So remember the sacramental “And this shall pass,” look for pleasant experiences around you, and don’t refuse help from family and friends.

 Aquarius (Four Cups)

Certain anxieties and setbacks can make you feel emotionally unstable and sad. Don’t give in to despair, try to be open to surprises from the universe and the people around you.

Pisces (Six of Wands)

We can confidently say that the new week will bring you success. You will feel the taste of victory. Long-standing problems will be resolved, important questions will be answered, and newly started businesses will take off. Share this success with those who will be sincerely happy for you.

Tarotist and energy therapist Kateryna Pylypenko

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