Marichka Padalko ran the Boston Marathon for the first time

Marichka Padalko - Boston MarathonOn April 17, Marichka Padalko, host of the 1+1 and TSN’s United News marathon, took part in the world’s most famous marathon in Boston, USA, for the first time in her life and ran 42 km. At the finish line, she took out the flag of Ukraine, which caused a strong reaction from the audience.

Boston Marathon

Boston Marathon



It’s hard to get into the Boston Marathon because you need to be qualified. However, there is a certain percentage of the participants’ numbers that the organizers give to reputable charitable organizations. It was this Ukrainian-American organization, Sunflower of Peace, based in Boston, that invited Padalko to become their ambassador to raise money to help with the rehabilitation of Ukrainian soldiers released from captivity.

After the marathon, late at night, when it was morning in Ukraine, Marichka went on air on 1+1 Breakfast and shared her impressions.

Marichka - inclusion in Breakfast

Marichka – inclusion in Breakfast

“I didn’t come to this marathon for the results. My main mission was to draw attention to Ukraine by participating. And on the course, I tried to run up to everyone who was standing with a Ukrainian flag. You know that Ukrainian flags are even more touching somewhere abroad,” says Marichka from Boston.

Padalko also said that on the eve of the main marathon, a shorter 5 km race was held on Saturday, in which Ukrainian soldier Artem Moroz took part. He lost both of his legs only 7 months ago, but despite this, he ran this distance on prostheses that another charitable organization in the United States helped him make.  

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“The purpose of this charity collection is to organize training for our psychologists to work with those released from captivity. Only today we received statistics from the Ombudsman that 86% of them were abused in captivity. We have very few specialists who have experience working with this kind of psychological trauma, but we will have them!” Marichka writes and adds that she felt a lot of support for Ukraine in Boston.

On the eve of the Boston Marathon, Yegor Gordeyev, Ruslan Senichkin, Lyudmila Barbir, Yuri Gorbunov, Solomiya Vitvitskaya, Natalia Ostrovskaya, Svyatoslav Grinchuk, Konstantin Grubich, and Elena Kvitka recorded a video with support and good wishes for their colleague.

The Boston Marathon is one of the 6 largest marathons in the world and it is one of the five major events held in the United States for many years. Every year, amateur and professional runners from all over the world compete in the Boston Marathon. This year it was held without the participation of runners from Russia and Belarus.

Photo: press service

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