Tarot forecast for April 3-9: Cancer will make friends with the Priestess, and Libra with the World

Tarot forecast for April 3-9: Cancer will make friends with the Priestess, and Libra with the World - 1 - изображениеThe first Full Moon after the spring equinox will come next week. It is called the Pink Full Moon. It will take place on April 6, and the name is naturally associated with the beginning of flowering of various types of flowers at this time. The Full Moon opens the Easter season, which is why it is often also called Easter.
According to the sign, it is worth finishing all old business before the full moon, and this way you can ensure success in your work and attract money to yourself. Read the tarot forecast for April 3-9 by tarotist Kateryna Pylypenko for those who will find it easier and those who will face difficulties on the eve of the Full Moon.

Aries (King of Pentacles)

This is your time, and the Full Moon will give you the energy you need to achieve your goals. However, remember to exercise self-control and try to complete your business or a certain stage before the Full Moon. You will see the results of your work soon.

Taurus (Seven of Wands)

What you have now belongs to you by right. But in the coming days, we will have to prove it and repel certain encroachments on your achievements. Act with determination and courage. In general, the week will be energetic and eventful for you.

Gemini (Two Cups)

The Full Moon will draw your attention to the romantic moments of life, to memories and pleasant encounters. Your heart will be open to a new breath of love, to emotional uplift and creative inspiration.

Tarot forecast: Cancer (Priestess)

It’s time to listen to your intuition. If certain questions are on your mind, look for answers within yourself. However, if you don’t, it means that this mystery is not yet ready to be solved and revealed to the world. So be patient.

 Lion (Chariot)

The new week may bring you important trips or relocations. Remember that the Chariot always carries the energy of victory, development, and the right dynamics. So you can achieve a lot by decisively managing all the processes in your life in the near future.

Virgo (King of Wands)

You may be faced with the need to finally show your will and determination in making important decisions. Do not avoid useful contacts and advice from professionals in your field.

Tarot forecast: Libra (World)

The Full Moon summarizes the beginning of spring, so you have the opportunity to rejoice in the results of this period, to feel peace and harmony with the world around you. You will think that everything is as it should be in your life.

Scorpio (Four of Swords)

On the eve of the Full Moon, you should take a break from business and give yourself a rest. Avoid conflicts and unnecessary negative information. This reboot will give us additional strength for new achievements in the spring.

Sagittarius (Page of the Pentacles)

If you’ve been dreaming of getting your chance for self-realization for a long time, now it’s here. In the near future, you will be able to count on interesting offers, valuable advice and support.

 Capricorn (Ace of Wands)

The energy of the Full Moon will encourage you to conquer something new. You have the strength and desire to do so. A successful and energetic start to the business will lead to the desired result.

Aquarius (Ten of Wands)

The card warns that you may overestimate your strength and put too much on your shoulders. You will feel this especially acutely on the eve of the Full Moon. Give yourself a break and think about who you can delegate some of your responsibilities to.

Pisces (Queen of Cups)

The Full Moon will require you to take care of yourself and others. Avoid conflict situations, give yourself some rest, and look for answers to important questions within yourself.

Tarologist and energy therapist Kateryna Pylypenko

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