Serhiy Lykhovyda on interviews with Prytula, Yefrosynina, and Kutsevalov

Sergiy LykhovydaBehind the scenes of the filming of the show “eVopytania” (New Channel), Ukrainian TV presenter and interviewer Serhiy Lykhovyda told force majeure stories from the backstage of his project “Rozvova”

During the full-scale war in Ukraine, Ukrainian YouTube began to develop at a frantic pace. There is more and more quality content every day. One of the projects launched in 2022 is the YouTube channel Rozvova. These are interviews with famous people. They are interviewed by Serhiy Lykhovyda, host of Morning in the Big City, which airs every morning at 7:00 on Novy Channel, STB and ICTV. Behind the scenes of the family entertainment show “eVopytannya” on the New Channel, he exclusively told interesting and unknown things about the creation of his project.

eQuestions from participants of the third issue

eQuestions from participants of the third issue

“I live in Ivano-Frankivsk, so I started filming there in April. My friends Hryhoriy Reshetnyk and Svitlana Tarabarova became the first heroes. We recorded these interviews to the sound of sirens in one day,” the host recalls. “The most popular one so far is with Serhiy Prytula, with over 1.1 million views. I remember that it took us three or four months to get Serhiy’s assistant to agree, but we managed to do it.”

As of today, the Rozvova channel has over 40 episodes and has received a YouTube Silver Button. But there were many force majeure situations on the way to success.

“For example, in the episode with Fozzy from TNMK, talking about football, he made a mistake out of inexperience: “Girls, you can rewind this moment.” I knew the term sexism, but then I didn’t realize that my phrase was exactly that. I just said it as a joke. That episode was the first time I actually started getting comments,” says Serhiy Lykhovyda. “The day we filmed The Conversation with Masha Yefrosynina, it was a rather difficult morning in Kyiv. There was a prolonged air raid and shelling. I was worried that the recording was on the verge of failure. But fortunately, we managed to hold the studio, wait for Masha, and talk for more than two hours. By the way, this is the episode where I was praised as an interviewer in the comments.”

A separate story that Lykhovyda will never forget is the shooting with comedian and participant of the New Channel reality TV show “Couple for a Million” Mark Kutsevalov.

“When we learned about Mark’s hike to Hoverla, we had a crazy idea to record The Conversation right on the top. We realized that no TV channel or YouTube channel would follow him to the top. We agreed with Mark, prepared for the hike, and even came up with the name “Interview on Hoverla”! “But a crazy curiosity happened,” Serhiy says, “We drove to the mountain in two different cars. At some point, the phone connection was lost, so it was difficult to get in touch. So I arrived at Hoverla and couldn’t find my colleagues. I thought that they had already gone to the top, so I started to climb quickly myself. And on the mountain, when the connection appeared, we called each other and realized that their navigator had taken a wrong turn and they would not be able to climb. We decided that the interview would not take place on the top… We shot the episode when we came down from Hoverla.”

Watch the family entertainment project “eQuestions” with Lesya Nikitiuk every Monday at 20:00 on New Channel! And turn on the Morning in the Big City project with Serhiy Lykhovyda, Roman Mishcheriakov and other Ukrainian hosts every morning at 7:00.

Photo: press service

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