Top 5 books by Vitalina Bibliv

Vitalina BiblivThe new channel continues to popularize reading and air the series Moloda, which is set in a publishing house. The shooting took place among books and in constant dialogues about writers. So, the stars of the New Channel decided to recommend the literature they love to re-read. And today, the top 5 books by the actress of the House of Happiness series Vitalina Bibliv. Read with love with Novy Channel and Yakaboo!

“I love these books! I read the novel Felix Austria. I love Garik’s Red Book when I’m sad. And if you want romance, pick up Life After the Death of Masha Ordinary. So catch a selection of my favorites! I advise everyone to read them,” says Vitalina Bibliv.

House for luck by Vitalina Bibliv

House for luck by Vitalina Bibliv

“Felix Austria, Sofia Andrukhovych

What is the book about?

The novel is set in 1900 in Stanislaviv (now Ivano-Frankivsk). The main characters are the young lady Adela and her maid friend Stefania. According to the plot, their lives have been connected since childhood. After a fire killed Stefa’s parents, Adela’s father decided to take her in. And since then, the girls have been growing up together, dreaming and making plans. But there comes a time when Adelia and Stefa begin to prevent each other from developing and moving on with their lives.

“The Age of Jacob, by Volodymyr Lys

What is the book about?

The protagonist Yakov Mekh has lived through five states in his century of life: The Russian Empire, the Ukrainian People’s Republic, Poland, Hitler’s Germany, and Stalin’s USSR. And he lived to see the state of Ukraine. While waiting for the anniversary, Yakiv once again recalls his life. His love, the pain of loss, joys and sorrows in his family, the cycle of wars and regimes emerge from the depths of his memory.

“Garik’s Red Book, Garik Korogodsky

What is the book about?

In the third volume of the series “…the story of a Jewish boy,” the businessman and philanthropist records his most valuable memories: of his family, his first big business, and his first big problems. While reading the book, you will supposedly visit Garik Korogodsky and live with the businessman and his family.

Top 5 books by Vitalina Bibliv: “Life after the Death of Masha Ordinary” by Olga Navrotska

What is the book about?

The characters in this fantasy are convinced that their lives can last forever. However, the appearance of a mortal girl, Masha, gave rise to doubts. Throughout her adult life, she immersed herself in fantasy worlds, which she recreated in her drawings. The day comes when ordinary Masha has to choose between life and love.

“Milk with Blood, by Luco Dashvar

What is the book about?

The events of the novel cover the years 1941-2007. The main characters Marusya and Stepan have been in love since they were 12 years old, but they can’t be together. They are constantly hindered by geographical, political, and military circumstances, distant and close relatives, envious neighbors, and enemies.

Author: Daria Skotchenko

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