Bednyakov explained why he continues to communicate with Russians

Andriy BednyakovUkrainian TV host Andriy Bednyakov, known from the TV program “Eagle and Reshka,” admitted that he continues to communicate with Russians even after Russia’s full-scale military invasion of Ukraine.

“I communicate, but I can’t say with whom. I am not a supporter of the idea that a good Russian is a dead Russian. I have people there who communicate with me, with whom I am in touch all the time and who are very concerned,” Bednyakov said on the Pryamaya Chervona YouTube channel.

In addition, the host spoke about how he blocks Russian followers on Instagram. Andriy gets a lot of pleasure from this:

“It’s cool. I like to put things in their place. It’s easier for me to identify people later. I still have so much vata subscribed to me, 300 thousand have already unsubscribed, but there is still a lot left. I leave a comment on purpose, pin it, and then 90 likes of this comment come in, and I, like Bayraktar, block all these 90 people, and I don’t have them.”

Author: Daria Skotchenko

Photo: personal archive

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