Tarot forecast: Libra will be in the shadow of the Moon, and the Wheel of Fortune will spin Capricorns


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Last week was full of energy, holidays and events. The new week begins with a decrease in energy, because after the Full Moon on February 5, the moon is on the decline. So you need to take this into account when planning your week. And a tarot forecast from tarologist Kateryna Pylypenko will also help with this.

Tarologist and energy therapist Kateryna Pylypenko

Tarologist and energy therapist Kateryna Pylypenko

Aries (Five of Pentacles)

Aries will lack the energy to make a breakthrough in work and financial matters this week. So to avoid problems, it’s better to save and not take risks. In general, be patient and focus on the things you are used to doing that bring you pleasure.

Taurus (Four of Wands)

Despite everything, Taurus will have something to celebrate in the coming days. You will feel an upswing and some success in your affairs, whatever they concern. And it will be a timely reminder that you are on the right path.

Gemini (Two of Swords)

Certain difficult situations can lead you to a dead end. Therefore, it will be necessary to urgently change the strategy of behavior and choose a new path of development. Leave indecision and uncertainty behind and boldly look forward.

Cancer (Three of Wands)

Cancers will finally find themselves on the part of the path that will open up broad prospects for them. Use this chance to realize your possibilities, look into the future and choose the right landmarks on the way to your goal. And also to start acting in this direction.

Leo (Five of Wands)

Representatives of this sign may face a test when they need to prove their right to act, to a place in the sun. There may be manifestations of competition. If you behave honestly and with full dedication, the result will be successful for you.

Virgo (King of Swords)

It’s a good time to achieve your goals, because you have the determination and ingenuity to do so. You will need the ability to use logic and experience. Also, show your skills where the situation has long been in need of resolution.

Tarot forecast: Libra (Moon)

The echo of the Full Moon can drag Libra into the net of uncertainty, which can only increase fears and worries, and attract various troubles and financial problems. Therefore, do not forget about quality rest, about things that bring you joy and pleasure, about taking care of yourself.

 Scorpio (Nine of Wands)

In the near future, Scorpios will need to urgently deal with a certain difficult task. Without waiting for help from anyone and relying only on yourself. Strain and stress are unavoidable. But thanks to your experience and diplomatic skills, you will be able to resolve everything.

Sagittarius (World)

For Sagittarius, this week will bring a long-awaited unity with themselves and the world around them. You will feel calm and harmony and get answers to your questions. You will be able to summarize a certain stage of life and step boldly into the next one.

Tarot forecast: Capricorn (Wheel of Fortune)

The week may surprise Capricorns with unexpected changes, strange events, and sudden turns of fate. Don’t be alarmed if this has seriously disrupted your plans. Believe in yourself and your happy destiny. And all the changes that are happening now will turn out to be positive for you in the long run.

Aquarius (Ten of Swords)

Representatives of this sign can feel very painfully the end of a certain stage in their life and the transition to a new, still unknown one. Try to focus on a wise summary of the results and a positive anticipation of a new stage that will surely bring you the fulfillment of your hopes and the achievement of certain goals.

Pisces (Hierophant)

When deciding any matter, follow the rules and laws of morality. Ethical issues may become particularly acute in the coming days. Do not neglect valuable advice from other people – they can unexpectedly become an important key to understanding the situation as a whole.

Tarologist and energy therapist  Kateryna Pylypenko

Contacts:  @kateryna_pylypenko_tarot

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