Lidia Taran talks about life in France and her daughter Vasylyna

Lidia Taran

Lidiya Taran, a 1+1 host and TSN correspondent in France, spoke on the air of “Breakfast with 1+1” about the French attitude to the war in Ukraine, her studies at the university, and her daughter Vasylyna.

On the French attitude to the war in Ukraine

According to a survey conducted by Euroskopia in nine EU countries, almost half of Europeans agree that Ukraine should lose some of its territories in the war with Russia in order to end the war soon. At the same time, every third European is against such concessions for the sake of peace. Hosts Yegor Gordeyev and Nelya Shovkoplyas talked about this with Lidia Taran. What are the actual moods in Europe, particularly among the French?

“49% of Europeans are like 2034 Arctic penguins.  A Hungarian, a supporter of Orban, and an average Frenchman with a Ukrainian family from Mariupol who has been living with him for more than six months are all Europeans. You can’t compare everyone like that. Different countries, with different ideologies, governments, and mentalities. I have to tell you one thing – nowhere in the public sphere in France has the thesis that Ukraine should be given back its territories been voiced. The fact that there are paid forums where these Kremlin methods are being disseminated is something that needs to be addressed at the global level”, – Taran told.

About studying at the university

The topic of student life in France was also discussed. After all, the host recently told us that she had entered a local university, where she is already writing voluminous research papers and essays in French.

Lidia Taran

The 1+1 presenter entered a university in France

“I realize that I was a little bit overzealous. Because it was a little crazy on my part to compete with people who have been studying for seven years, who were born in this country and speak Ukrainian as their native language. But there is some support from the teachers, they understand that my history is not easy. I have already passed 13 exams. I have no results yet, they will be in February”, – Lydia says.

About her daughter Vasylyna

Lidia also noted that her daughter Vasylyna studies at 2 schools at the same time – Ukrainian and French:

“French is easier for her than for me. And she doesn’t have to write 70-page research papers and 20-page dossiers. But we support each other. Vasylyna tells me about her days at college, and I tell her about my classes at the university. Sometimes she helps me shoot stories for TSN.”

Lidia Taran

Lidia Taran with her daughter Vasylyna

In the first days of the full-scale invasion, TV presenter Lidia Taran remained in Kyiv, holding the information line on the air of the United News marathon. However, after a while, for safety reasons, she decided to leave for a safe place with her daughter Vasylina. Abroad, Lydia tries to do everything possible to support Ukraine: she cooperates with the mayor’s office of Nancy, speaks in French about the war in Ukraine and city events, gives interviews to local media, holds charity concerts in different European cities, and advises journalists. 

Photo: 1+1 press service

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