New Year gift for 13-year-old Katya from Kramatorsk from Solomiya Vitvitska

13-year-old Katya

Caring wizards together with the charity project “Make Your Dream Come True” by 1+1 media granted the wish of 13-year-old Katya, who was injured in the shelling in Kramatorsk. The girl had a fashion photo shoot and was published in the magazine!

The dream of life during the war

In April 2022, Russians fired missiles at the railway station in Kramatorsk, killing 59 people and injuring more than 300. Among them was schoolgirl Katya Iorgu – she and her family were standing in line for evacuation. Her mother died and the girl received severe leg injuries. She remembers waking up from the scream: “Get down”. After the shock, she called her mother, but only in the hospital she found out that she was gone. Now Katya and her sister are taken care of by their aunt. Katya’s path to recovery –  complex surgeries and long rehabilitation. Thanks to the doctors and psychologists of Okhmatdyt, the first changes for the better are noticeable.

Despite all the horror, the girl finds the strength to live and dream. Katya loves to draw, make paintings with rhinestones and dreams of becoming a model and appearing on the pages of magazines! Ukrainian photographer Tetyana Bundzylo, a friend of Solomiya Vitvitska, decided to bring Katya closer to the realization of her dream, to give her impressions. The girl received a professional photo shoot – in the studio, in several stylish looks, with professional hair and makeup! Katya also starred with her sister Yulia. 

Woman Magazine

Katya with her sister Yulia

“I wanted to comfort, to bring joy to the girls who have experienced such grief… And in this terrible war, life must go on. I found a studio and gathered a team – the best Ukrainian fashion specialists. It was very exciting, but Katya and Yulia were able to trust me. There is a miracle! And we can create it for others,” said Tetiana Bundzylo.

New Year’s surprise for a dreamer

The wizards of the charity project “Make Your Dream Come True” together with the host Solomiya Vitvitska agreed to publish the girl’s photo shoot in the new winter issue of the glossy magazine NOVA Kids. And at the next concert of Solomiya Vitvitskaya in Okhmatdyt, the presenter solemnly handed the magazine to Katya! It was an incredible New Year’s surprise! The girl could not believe that her dream came true so quickly! This gives her faith in good people, in the fact that she will be able to cope with adulthood without her mother… And to succeed, to fulfill her dream!

“We will soon see Katrusia on the covers of world magazines! We believe in it! And together we are bringing closer the realization of the main dream of all – peace and victory!”says Solomiya Vitvitska.

Woman Magazine

Solomiya Vitvitska and dreamer Katya

To help more psychologically  children in hospitals during the war – make donations for the project “Make a Dream Come True” on the platform or at  

Photo: 1+1 press service

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