Uliana Royce: “War came to me twice”

Uliana Royce

Ukrainian singer Uliana Royce released a new track “Omana”, which is a reflection of her feelings due to the breakup of a relationship. Exclusively for Woman, the singer revealed the secret that led to the end of love. 

Ulyana, tell me where the war found you? Were you with your loved one?

The war found me at home, together with my family, when we were all going to go skiing for the first time in 8 years. The boyfriend was just going through a period of separation, and it was quite painful. That’s why I actually planned to spend time with my family, distract myself from sad thoughts and disappointments, but it happened on February 24. 

Why and when did the relationship break up?

Even before the beginning of the full-scale invasion, he went to Moscow. On February 24, I still found the strength to talk to him again. I begged him to turn to his multi-million audience on TikTok, to tell people from Russia what is really happening in Ukraine, to raise a wave of resistance, but all in vain. He stated that he was not going to participate in the information war. It was incomprehensible, outrageous and disgusting to me, because if he doesn’t care about me, then how can you ignore the fact that his parents live in the south of the country, in a city where active hostilities have been going on since the very beginning. My love from such a position disappeared instantly, I realized with horror that I did not know the person I loved at all and I was very wrong about her. 

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Singer Uliana Royce

What were your emotions then?

It was then that I put the final point, because on this day our views on life diverged in radically different directions. My choice was to stay with my family in my country and help in the fight against the aggressor, while his choice was to quietly earn money in Moscow. It was incredibly painful, because before that we planned a joint future and made big plans. But in one moment it was all over. I felt a double betrayal – of me and of my country. After that, I decided never to talk to him again.

Was anyone around during this period or did you manage on your own?

That night, when the dots over the “i” were placed, the first desire was to go to my mother and wake her up, but I understood that she would not sleep with me all night, she would also be worried, I did not want to upset her. Therefore, I was alone with my emotions and feelings until the very morning. But already with the beginning of a new day, I felt incredible support from my family and friends, for which I am very grateful. The closest people were by my side during that difficult time.

But despite their support, I fell into depression. It seemed to me that life was over and this was the worst thing that could happen to me, I had absolutely no strength to live on, to be creative and somehow master myself. This breakup seemed to me then the most terrible tragedy of my life. But the morning of February 24 brought me out of this state. I immediately understood that this was a war and that everything was serious. I remembered the events of 2014, when I was fleeing from my home from hostilities in Mariupoli. Then the Russian offensive from the East turned my life upside down for the first time. I remember very well those terrible times and now they broke into my house again. The realization came that things will no longer be the same, and you need to take matters into your own hands and completely transform your life in accordance with the current terrible realities.

How did you come to charity performances, did you offer it yourself or did you respond to someone’s request? 

With the beginning of the war, my entire team, like everyone else, was in a state of shock, and everyone tried to save themselves, find a safe place, everyone was not interested in the projects. After several months of everyone being in different parts of the world, we were finally able to get everyone together again. At the meeting regarding our future activities, we decided that all our forces will be directed to charity concerts, it seemed and still seems to be the only correct decision in this situation. Everyone helps on their front, our team and I are no exception. From the very beginning and until now, we continue to participate in events aimed at raising funds for the Armed Forces, people and children who suffered as a result of Russian aggression, and to raise morale.

What did you feel during your first performance for the military?

This experience will be remembered forever. Before the performance, I was very nervous, it was difficult for me to choose the right words, I didn’t know how to behave and what to do… But, when I went on stage, my feelings changed to great gratitude and a desire to lift the spirits of these men. It was very nice to talk with them after the concert and understand the importance of such performances, because words of thanks from our defenders and their smiles are another level of satisfaction.

And, coming back to your personal life, are you in a relationship with someone?

The release of my work symbolizes my release from past feelings. In this work, I let go of all my pain and memories of my ex. Now I am not ready to talk about my personal life. Everything that happened to me during this period will be in my songs, which will open the veil on all my experiences and emotions, already at the beginning of 2023.

Photo: press service of the singer

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