Millionaire blogger tells his riches story in debut music video


How to become a millionaire at 19? How to have a wife model? How to conquer TikTok and Instagram? How to move from a dormitory with cockroaches to your own apartment in the center of Lviv? Life hacks on how to become a millionaire are shared by a popular blogger from Lviv, Andriy Gavryliv , in his debut clip “The First Million”.

This is the first solo track from the popular blogger with music from Krechet. The release is imbued with positive mood and wild energy. These are fun, assertive vocal parts to a trap beat. The track is a real story of a blogger who became a millionaire thanks to his interesting content and popularity in social networks.

“I was inspired to earn money by cockroaches from the dormitory where I lived. I wanted to leave this place as soon as possible. My girlfriend, like any girl, wanted gifts and flowers. And also the homeless, in whose place I was afraid to end up,” – says Andriy Gavryliv.

The blogger also talked about the principles he follows in his life to achieve success.

“In order to earn the first million, you need to learn how to catch the money that flies into your life and start working less. And also adhere to such life credos: always stay hungry, it does n’t matter where you are, it matters how fast you move, every day become a little better than you were yesterday.” 

Photo: press service 

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