The hashtag “Glory to Ukraine” became Twitter’s #1 global trend


After the horrific video of a Ukrainian prisoner being shot by the Russian occupiers after his patriotic words, more than 87 thousand tweets appeared on the social network. The hashtag #Slava_Ukraine has become Twitter’s #1 global trend. 

“It is difficult to find any words. The inhuman barbaric face of our enemy is clearly visible to the whole world. The only thing left for us to do is to wipe away the dried tears and keep working for victory. All of us together. Rest in peace. Rest in peace. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!” wrote showman and volunteer Sergey Prytula on his Twitter account.

“Russian soldiers executed a Ukrainian soldier for shouting ‘Glory to Ukraine’. They have created another hero,” wrote one Twitter user.

Twitter literally exploded with hundreds of thousands of messages with this tag. The Servant Party is already preparing an appeal to the president to posthumously award the defender the title of Hero of Ukraine.

Author: Daria Skotchenko

Photo: pexels

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