Irma Vitovska is the voice of the new “Brave Tale” from Suspilny

Irma Vitovska is the voice of the new Brave Tale from Suspilny - 1 - изображение

Ukrainian actress and public figure Irma Vitovska announced the new history of the Sospilny project “Brave tales”. Irma’s voice is the fourth of the twelve fairy tales of the new era for Ukrainian children and their parents “Lesyk the Hedgehog and the Forest Pack” . You can listen to it  in Telegram channels  Social Tales and YouTube channels  “Brobaks”.  

“Our children need a road map of how to act in critical situations. We are not always able to easily explain serious, difficult to understand things in familiar words, but precisely through a fairy tale we can, — shared her thoughts about the voiced story Irma Vitovska. — The project is necessary, useful and very timely. It is very bright, about the values and indeed about the bravery of all participants in this chain of salvation”.

“Lesyk the Hedgehog and the Forest Flock”

A new story “Lesyk the Hedgehog and the Forest Flock” that the fear of the unknown is completely normal. And also – about cohesion, support and willingness to help. The story resonates with Irma’s own experience, which was actively involved in the evacuation team of families with children in  countries of Europe in the first days of a full-scale war.

“There were many such children who needed to be evacuated to the West, who could not live even in relatively safe regions of Ukraine because of the feeling of anxiety. There were also children who needed immediate and complete isolation from the war. And our task, as adults, was and is to do everything possible to protect them .

Irma Vitovska is the voice of the new Brave Tale from Suspilny - 2 - изображение

The new story “Lesyk the Hedgehog and the Forest Pack” about the fact that the fear of the unknown is completely normal

Fairy tales of the new time are therapeutic stories of the common experience of Ukrainian families, which will truthfully but delicately explain to children new realities that are thoroughly present in interesting stories with happy endings. Concepts of 12 themes that formed the basis of fairy tales: separation, support, kindness, friendship, solidarity and others. They were worked on non-traumatic with the author of the texts Iryna Vygovska , psychologist Marianna Novakovskaya and sociologist Victoria Brindza. Illustrations Georgy Sagitov give space for the imagination of everyone who listens to fairy tales, associativeness allows you to imagine and fantasize. 

Turn on “Brave Tales” for children in shelters, on a long drive, in an evacuation or at home during curfew. And also use as a means of distracting children from the alarms caused by shelling and sirens. Download to phones and tablets and listen together when the network disappears, on Telegram channels Social Tales and YouTube channel “Brobaks”, as well as on platforms for podcasts ( Spotify , Apple Podcasts , Google Podcasts , SoundCloud and others ).

Photo: press service of Sospilny

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