Zibrov, Denysenko and Voloshyn in Anna Trincher’s new video “Zai”

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Ukrainian singer and blogger Anna Trincher delighted her fans with a fresh lyrical composition “Zay” and immediately released a music video for it. 

The singer’s new work is a message for all Ukrainian women who were forced to leave Ukraine because of the war and miss home very much, a place where it is always warm, cozy and close to relatives. No matter how good the country that accepts our refugees is, nothing can be better than your native land, where even familiar streets and buildings give you the feeling that you are at home, in your place, so every day of waiting is a kind of way home.

The main characters of the clip were the famous Ukrainian singer Pavlo Zibrov, actress Natalka Denisenko and Anna’s husband Oleksandr Voloshyn. They shared the details of the filming exclusively with Woman Magazine.

Pavlo Zibrov

“This is a sensual, gentle song, permeated with the pain of separation of Ukrainian women who are currently abroad and really want to return to their loved ones. We shot in an incredibly beautiful place – Pyrogovo, where there are cozy Ukrainian huts and wonderful nature. The atmosphere on the site was very warm. We were in the frame together with the charming Natalka Denisenko, a charismatic beauty who is a real professional in her field. I really liked my episodic role – a guy who seeks the attention of a girl, and still gets his way (see the clip for all the details)”, – Pavlo Zibrov said.

Zibrov, Denysenko and Voloshyn in Anna Trincher's new video Zai - 1 - изображение

Singer Pavlo Zibrov and actress Natalka Denisenko

Natalka Denysenko

“When I listened to this song, I just had tears in my eyes. I sobbed, especially, where there was a second verse about a son and a father who is somewhere far away. And I thought that this song is really about my life. I remember when the war started, I flatly refused to go abroad, I wanted to be in Ukraine, so those 2 months before returning home were the most important. I think that this song will resonate in the hearts of everyone who is still not at home,” – Natalka Denysenko said.

Zibrov, Denysenko and Voloshyn in Anna Trincher's new video Zai - 2 - изображение

Anna Trincher and Oleksandr Voloshyn

Oleksandr Voloshyn

“In the clip, I am Oleksandr Voloshyn, who lived in the city of Berdychiv, where he has always been almost like that: brash, cocky – that’s why I didn’t have to get used to the role much. I believe in this song from the first listen and I think it’s a super hit,” Oleksandr Voloshyn shared.

Tarot reader Lyudmila Khomutovska and a special person for Anna Trincher also appeared in the clip. See who it was in the video! The track and video are now available on all digital platforms.

Photo: press service of Anna Trincher

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