Nataliya Moseychuk about her younger son’s education during the war

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About the role of teachers during the war and after it, how education changed and what impressed teachers, how they should be thanked, and about the details of the training of their sons, the TV presenter 1+1 and the United News Marathon, Right to Education curator Nataliya Moseichuk told in an exclusive interview on the website Global Teacher Prize Ukraine.  

This year, during the award ceremony, the permanent curator of the award chose and honored the teacher – psychologist from Okhmatdyt Olena Anoprienko, who has not left young patients since the first days of the war. She studied together with the School of Superheroes, supported and provided psychological support. 

Nataliya Moseychuk and Olena Anoprienko

Nataliya Moseychuk and Olena Anoprienko

About the younger son’s education

Nataliya Moseichuk talked about the birth of her youngest son Matvii on September 1 this year.

“When we brought our son to school, there were 8 children in the class. And in response to the timid, excited looks of parents who were worried about the safety of children, the confident and smiling eyes of teachers looked at us. My desire to send my child to school immediately multiplied 10 times.” – said the TV presenter.

On that day, many parents went without their children, checked bomb shelters – decided whether it was worth sending their child to school offline later. The teachers convinced them, so in two weeks there were already 16 students in the class.

“People who proved to be stronger than their parents during the war, ” Moseychuk emphasized. 

About education 16 years ago 

But recalling the education of her eldest son, Antona noted that the education was worse.

“I remember 2006 as one of the worst periods in the development of the Ukrainian school. Demotivated teachers with incomprehensible programs. Now in my youngest son’s school, I see a reflection of a new school where the teacher is a mentor and a friend.” 

About teachers of the future

Over the past 7 years, Natalia Moseychuk has radically changed her views on education. Previously, I wanted my son to be able to read quickly, write well and know the basics of mathematics. But the launch of the Right to Education project, introduction and curatorship of the award turned the idea upside down – it became obvious how important soft skills are. 

The TV presenter now calls courage the main trait of a teacher.

“After the war, there will be two categories of people that should be especially taken care of – the military and teachers. Because some are responsible for life, and others – for heads. Now teachers know exactly what they are giving to students and for which society they are being prepared.”

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Natalia Moseychuk with students and teachers of the School of Superheroes

Nataliya Moseychuk especially praised the teachers at the hospitals.

“They rescued, taught, supported psychologically. They are real heroes of the educational front. And right now in Zhytomyr, Dnipro, Kharkiv – studies in Superhero Schools do not stop.”

The TV presenter also urged teachers to pay special attention to the psychological support of themselves and their students. So, I recommended taking the free trauma psychology course “Knowing how to help” with certification, which is now available on the Eder platform. 

Photo: 1+1 press service

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