A new exhibition “Free City” opened in the Golden Gate Museum

exhibition On Kyiv Day, a large-scale art exhibition “Free City” was presented on the territory of the St. Sophia of Kyiv National Reserve, accompanied by music by Ukraine’s most famous composers. The exhibition featured art panels created by 50 of Georgia’s most famous artists in February-March 2023.

“It is symbolic that the presentation took place on Kyiv Day, as this project is dedicated to our free city. And now the exhibition will be presented in the Golden Gate Museum, which once opened the entrance to the free city of Kyiv,” say the organizers of the event from the cultural center “Dom Master Klass”.

The Free City artwork was presented to Kyiv during the Bouquet Kyiv Stage in Tbilisi.

“We met the authors of the works during our Bouquet Kyiv Stage festival in Tbilisi. One day we visited Georgian artists in the gallery. It was an unforgettable meeting! 50 artistic masterpieces greeted us from three huge canvases. The walls of the gallery seemed to breathe with powerful unconditional support for Ukraine and sincere love for the Ukrainian people. There was a lot of heartfelt communication, Ukrainian and Georgian singing. It was then that the Georgian artists had the idea to present the triptych to Kyiv, to bring the Free City to the free city of Kyiv,” the organizers share.

The triptych will now be exhibited at the Golden Gate Museum, where it will run from May 30 to June 28. The organizers also note that the venue of the exhibition is very symbolic, because in princely times the Gate was the entrance to the free city of Kyiv and the exhibition will become a sign of the freedom-loving peoples’ entry into a free future.

Date: from May 30 to June 28
Address: Golden Gate Museum
st. 40a Volodymyrska Str.

Photo: press service

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