Serhii Babkin released a collection of the best songs of his 20-year career

Serhii Babkin released a collection of the best songs of his 20-year career - 1 - изображение

The Best of Serhii Babkin – a collection of the artist’s best songs over his twenty-year career – was released the other day. The compilation includes 23 compositions previously released on his solo albums, as well as two new ones – Prote” and Autumn is still young”. The song “Green Tea” can also be heard in the collection. It was first released on Svyatoslav Vakarchuk’s album “Brussels” in 2011, but was never released on Babkin’s own records.

The best songs of Serhii Babkin

In total, the artist’s musical output consists of thirteen albums. The most relevant EP “Then we ourselves” was released on the Independence Day of Ukraine this year. The album consisted of songs and poems, which were created and recorded by Sergiy already after the start of the full-scale war with Russia. 

The new compositions included in the collection of the best, Prote” and Autumn is still young”, were to see the light of day as part of the album Cosmotato”, the release of which was scheduled for February 25, 2022. The release of the album and the tour in support of it were canceled due to the invasion of Russian troops. 

New and old favorite songs

Autumn is still very young” was performed from time to time at concerts and always enjoyed success among the musician’s fans, who had long been waiting for its studio version. And the single Prote” even managed to be presented a week before the war in the morning program 1+1 and on the air of several radio stations. 

During the time that has passed, I have gone through various transformations and experiments. The composition of musicians, performance formats, musical styles, sound producers and sounds changed. The only thing that always remained was my openness, sincerity of music and words. This is my main principle and value both in music and in life. This collection of songs is a kind of journey through time, starting from the stormy present and back to the early zeroes, when we were all very different. I would really like my music to help me survive these difficult times, when the new Ukrainian nation is being hardened, and ordinary people turn into heroes and gods, because they do incredible things for the protection and restoration of our Motherland,” says the artist.

On the eve of the release of The Best, Serhii Babkin played large charity concerts in Lviv and Kyiv, as well as an unannounced concert in his native Kharkiv, which took place in the open air near the monument to lovers near the Architect Beketov metro station.   

In total, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Babkin has played almost 50 charity concerts in the USA, Canada, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland, Ireland and Cyprus as part of the project Good evening, we are from Ukraine!”, and solo. And he directed all the fees for the performances to volunteer organizations that primarily take care of the residents and TROs of the capital of Slobozhanshchyna. 

Photo: press service of Serhiy Babkin

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