Amador Lopez released his first solo song and dedicated it to the girls

Amador Lopez

Singer, choreographer and showman Amador Lopez released his first song! Previously, the Latin American was the frontman of the band Rumbero’s, but everything is changing and it’s time to sing solo. The song “Cossack Girl” is not just about love, it is a dedication to the girls who are working and giving their all for the Victory, in such a difficult time for the country. This is a song about military girls, medics, volunteers and all women of Ukraine who were forced to leave their homes because of Russia’s war against our country. 

“Many of our women left all their jobs and occupations in the past and went to work for the benefit of Ukraine. I think they get less attention than they deserve. And I am proud of them! We have the best country, the best and strongest girls and we need to dedicate songs, poems to them and admire them in every way!”, – said Amador Lopez. 

The music video for the song “Cossack Girl” was shot in Chernivtsi by director Roman Oliynyk. According to the plot, the girl misses her lover, who is not around, and does everything to bring their meeting closer as soon as possible. She is a collective image of all Ukrainian girls who are waiting for their defenders and do not stop in their desire for Victory. The main character of the video was the Queen of Ukraine Grand International 2022 Olga Vasiliev, who perfectly reflected everything that the director wanted to show in a Ukrainian girl. 

Watch Amador López’s “Cossack Girl” music video on music channels and on the official YouTube channel

Photo: press service of the artist

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